The U.S.A. and firearms!

I have quite intentionally not commented so far on the latest killing spree in the U.S.A., because I knew that many of you would express your views, and how much more do readers need (or want) to read?

Today is different though, because I just recently heard a Trump solution … allow the teachers to carry firearms.

That has to be the most stupid thing that he has come up with to date (and there is a lot of competition in his past).

Somebody once said “Sometimes it is better to say nothing and let people think you are a fool, than to say something and remove all doubt!”? How true that is!

Trump’s logic is apparently that just knowing the teachers are armed will be the necessary deterrent

No rational mind would deduce that getting more firearms into society will reduce the incidents of shootings, including attacks on schools!

Not everybody will necessarily recognize armed teachers as a reason for not fulfilling their perceived duty.Β  That would depend on their mental functioning ability and, as no rational person would contemplate such actions in the first place, we can conclude that irrationality prevails.

Given a classroom of (e.g.) 40 children, can we really expect anything less than a disaster, when a teacher opens fire on a killer. Doesn’t cross-fire potentially complicate matters?

The current “Wild West” thinking has to be changed. When Jesse James and similar were roaming the country, law enforcement was very localized. For people traveling across the country, it was necessary to be armed for self-protection.Β  This is not the situation today as there are various levels of government providing law enforcement services covering the U.S.A. We like to believe that we have made progress as a society since the 1800’s … but have we?

What solutions would I propose? I am going to be extremely idealistic! I am a great believer in the idea that if you want the moon, you should aim for the stars. You might just get a star but, if you fall short, you can probably still get the moon!

Step 1: Effective (say Jan 1 2019), it will be a criminal offense to own a firearm.

Step 2: Between now and Dec 31 2018, all firearms are to be handed over to the local law enforcement agencies. There will be no questions asked. An “Arms Amnesty”!

Step 3: Anybody found carrying a firearm on or after Jan 1 will have it confiscated, and the person will be charged under criminal law.

What to do about sports hunters? I despise killing any creature under the name of “sport”. It is barbaric and puts our species to shame. We are not animals, and should not behave like them.

The above has many areas that could be debated, but by making firearms possession illegal will produce three important circumstances:

1. The amnesty period when all firearms are to be handed over to law enforcement officials will take a huge number of firearms “out of circulation”.

2. Anybody caught carrying a firearm after the amnesty period is clearly in conflict with the law. Guilt is proven by possession.

3. There will be no reason to break into buildings with the sole purpose of acquiring firearms.

While this Post is a result of the recent Florida school shooting …

Let us not forget the children that have been killed accidentally because a firearm was within reach.

Let us not forget the personal shootings that would not have happened if firearms had not been readily available.

Let us not forget the shootings that had no criminal basis whatsoever, but were simply impulsive and emotionally charged events.

Will these ideas end firearms killings? No, of course they won’t. As long as there is a criminal element, there will always be firearms and subsequent killings, but the incidents will be reduced due to the removal of “legal acquisition” of firearms.

Is there a down side? Of course! There are a lot of businesses that depend on firearms sales. Hitting the market this drastically will impact them, and their employees. The resulting financial losses at the manufacturing, retail and distribution levels, will undoubtedly be high, so the questions become:

Where do we place the higher value – On our children, their teachers, other school staff and other members of society, or should their safety be sacrificed in order to financially support the arms industry?

Are we prepared to say “The cost of gun control is too high, we’ll just have to put our kids, and everybody else, at risk!”?

Are we prepared to say “I must keep my firearm and, if that potentially puts men, women and children at risk, that is how it has to be!”?

“In God We Trust” is a very common statement printed on American currency and, I believe, on Florida’s flag.Β  In God we certainly should trust, but that does not mean we will be saved from death if we leap off a high cliff to fall on to rocks below. God gave us a brain which is very effective at accessing risks, and generally providing us with self-preservation abilities.

We should be using those same brain functions to analyze firearms deaths, and determine the most effective ways to reduce them. To do anything less than a total ban of private firearms ownership, simply demonstrates that the U.S.A. puts a value on life which is being compared to other values, and the highest value will win … regardless of the lives that will be lost in the future.

Finally, guns do not kill people! I have heard that so many times, and I agree. The problem is the person whose finger is on the trigger. Based on that rationale, we can reduce firearms killings by either removing all the people … or removing all the guns. Does that really need to be debated?

As I recently commented in an email to a friend, I think that “God Bless America” could currently be more accurately worded “God Help America”. Let us pray that God will soon see reasons to bless America once again.

Note: So many bloggers are either based in the U.S.A., or have Followers there. Please feel free to share this Post if you wish to further the thinking about strict and broad gun control laws. The more information that is available to think about, the less persuasive will be the apparent self-serving perspectives offered by many politicians, including (sadly) the Governor of Florida.

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  1. We make no money off of this Podcast (now up to 30,000 listeners). It is dedicated to bring Police and Society closer together. We do two shows each week hosted by two former cops and deal with hot button issues to educate society. I hope you will listen. We have the best intentions! . We cover all these details: guns, crimes, concealment, 2nd amendment, different types or firearms, and we even go to the range with a taster, shotgun, rifle, pistol, and OC spray, and use them on volunteers to show what they can and can’t do.


    • Much as I totally respect other opinions, I find that bad language, and a narrow mind, are not conducive to any productive discussion. The “thank you” was a nice touch however, any future comments from you will be blocked.

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      • Further to my earlier response, I was curious to get an interpretation of the gentleman’s tag “Homo homini lupus”. Wikipedia presented the following:

        “Homo homini lupus, or in its unabridged form Homo homini lupus est, is a Latin proverb meaning “A man is a wolf to another man,” or more tersely “Man is wolf to man.” It has meaning in reference to situations where people are known to have behaved in a way comparably in nature to a wolf. The wolf as a creature is thought, in this example, to have qualities of being predatory, cruel, inhuman i.e. more like an animal than civilized.”

        I find it disturbing, and very sad, that an individual’s life has produced a self-image of “predatory, cruel, inhuman”.

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  2. God HELP America indeed. It’s beyond embarrassing to have this fool in charge and coming up with some of his ‘solutions.’ And until everyone comes out of their respective corners and actually are willing to legitimately compromise (I always thought that meant give AND take from both sides) it’ll remain like the proverbial attempt at trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube. When it comes to guns and the insanity of the notion it will take a ‘good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun’ mentality I fear the worst. *Sigh*

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  3. Can you please add a couple more wishes to your list?
    1. All individuals will obey the laws
    2. All individuals will understand, and follow the rules of “Do not kill” It is wrong morally and it is (already) against the law. (Maybe we can also add “do not steal” as it is wrong and also against the law.
    3. Media, law enforcement, news reports and anchors are required to call individuals who are doing these crimes what they really are: murderers and killers (instead of calling them “shooter” or saying their names over and over again after the immediate 24 hours following the incident.)

    Society only works when residents/individuals agree to and follow the laws.(So parents must teach their kids to follow the laws…)

    (In the US, a union of states, each state decides and writes their gun laws – (and is responsible for education and safety of their students.) I have realized over the past couple of years that some states have strong laws with background checks and many of what is being proposed at the federal level – many of those laws are already in place by state governments. (In this state it is against the law if there are children in the house to have an unlocked gun out where they can reach/see/grab it. And it is enforced.) Citizens of some states really need to get on it and pound their elected state leaders until their laws are tightened. It is much faster for concerned citizens to get results at the state rather than the federal level.
    4. ALL US citizens should be demanding the federal government, the miitary(branch of the fed. gov. that “slipped up” and didn’t report to the gun data base that prospective gun buyers must clear(in our state anyway) about the church shooter that killed so many), CPS, local law enforcement actually do their jobs they are paid to do. Stop saying “see something – say something” – people did over and over and over in multiple recent murders and NO ONE did anything- passed to off hoping someone else would do it. (And 1 assigned armed police office assigned to the recent school murders stayed outside while kids were being shot. Also 3 other law enforcement men got there quickly, but hide outside)
    5. There need to be more “temporary hold for observation” beds for the mentally ill and those having psychotic breakdowns (if you research you will realize majority of the killings were done not as sudden emotional outbursts but by those well known for having mental issues and anti-social behavior.) Sometimes individuals have meds that stop working all of a sudden, the person gets off their meds, the family refused to admit the kid needs intervention or they are afraid of the person that’s acting crazier and crazier. We have a now adult nephew that is totally whacko, drugged into submission, and could be dangerous to society. Aluminum foil on the windows and a hat because “they” are listening is not a joke. His own brother moved his family with no forwarding address. Look. There must be more metal health resources – especially for when their sudden departures from reality/ explosive anger at innocent people happen. Help with that crisis and you’ll help stop the killings.
    Society must be protected from dangerous individuals.

    Oh, yeah. Nothing scares me more than a new gun owner who bought a gun out of fear. Most teachers do not have the long term experience and emotional fortitude to go after a school murderer. Many teachers go into teaching “because I love children” – they should not be forced into a situation where they might have to kill a child – even one threatening others. If 4 veteran law enforcement men couldn’t do it, why would anyone thing a “newly trained” gun toting teacher could face down a killer? trump is now backing up a bit on that – listening to more solid reasoning maybe

    My recent post about using a dog and handler may offer a suggestion to help in some cases. They use pairs like that to guard Super bowl, sports events, marathons, airports – don’t kids deserve the same protection? It takes over 7 min. for authorities to respond to a school alert. Someone has to be there to intervene. And to reassure students – kids don’t seem to have childhood anymore.

    There is no one solution that will fit all places, communities, and situations.

    These incidents are not really new – it’s just social media, twitter, and the world getting smaller makes news travel – more people get horrified faster and longer. A man walked on a elm school playground and set off a bomb killing people here years and years ago – blogged about that years ago. My sisters-in-law were on that campus. Research pulls up many more incidents – which adults used to keep quiet so as not to traumatize the school kids.

    What needs to be done?….mainly getting back to “Don’t Kill – it’s bad. It’s wrong. And it’s against the law.” Teach that.

    As people scream the knee jerk reaction of collecting guns I keep hearing the words of them man across the street when I was a kid. He and his wife were survivors of German concentration camps – tattoos plainly seen on arms. They managed to get resettled where we lived. Great family although the wife was very very nervous and jumpy all her life. I remember that man talking with my dad (who was one of the first medics in Dachau) when my dad asked “how did you let it happen?” “We trusted the government to protect us, “he said. “and I will never again be without a gun to protect my family.” You have to understand that many immigrants in the US, like the Irish, the Protestants from Catholic countries, refugees from South America (Have you check on Venezuela recently?) – even the early colonists came from countries with abusive governments over them. “Never again” means something.

    Sorry for the long reply – but we all need to sit down and brainstorm all possible solutions

    And I like the way you said – always ask for more than you ever hope to see happen – that’s true!

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    • Many thanks Karen for taking the time out of your day to respond in such detail. As I noted in an earlier response, I did stress that I would be idealistic in my suggestions however, as you demonstrated quite effectively, it is certainly a complex situation with many perspectives. The “bottom line” however is that there must be more gun control. While I do not agree with the “I need a gun to protect myself” rationale, I do believe that all US citizens deserve protection, and if the current law enforcement service level does not provide that, then there is a serious problem at all levels of government.

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      • So true. Your post was very well done.
        It all starts with the individuals of the community agreeing not to kill each other – or else car, high heels (that’s been a murder weapon over the past couple of years), knives, poison, bricks….
        All must agree to obey laws and not kill – and that ain’t happening right now.
        A one time it was not fashionable or trendy to be a criminal or murderer – all those “don’t bring shame upon the family” threats gone, poor recruits for law enforcement (pay and danger a factor), desire to be “famous” np matter what, and kids and adults being too quick to blame others for their own actions and never facing consequences.
        Lots of work to be done. Serious indeed. How to change the hearts of man?
        (I can tell you have a very secure environment – we’ll get into deranged stalkers, domestic abuse (waving a court’s protect order piece of paper does not little good if the man with the gun is out of control with murder in his eyes – so many women die), cyber stalking, driving down the street and having a bullet go through the windshield another day – or reblog some of my older posts concerning these issues perhaps)
        Dogs and horses – research shows caring for them, being around them, being responsible for them makes a difference –
        maybe we’ve gotten too far from dirt and basic elements?
        We need ALL ideas no matter how far fetched, how idealistic on the table. One size never fits all. This is a very very diverse population – many new arrival children have seen their entire village murdered in front of their eyes – multiple home countries with that)
        Enjoyed your debate and others’ comments. Bark on! The answer is out there! πŸ™‚

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  4. IF…I were the present POTUS, I would probably respond with “I hear you” and reassure you that “I would fight the shooter with my bare hands” and of course there would be “armed teachers” getting paid a little more, as back-up to myself. Thank the Saints, I do not have to claim this dubious honor. I agree with you on many of your well founded points and yet…I have little hope that with my country’s love of guns and the extremely powerful N.R.A. that we will see the changes that we desperately need. I weep for the senseless loss of young lives, for the grieving families and for those justifiably angry survivors trying to make themselves heard. When will it become enough, how many more must die before the lawmakers stop talking and start doing what they were elected to do? Your voice in Congress would be an asset. Thank-you for this inspired post!

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  5. That’s a power post and as always I admire your way of freely and frankly saying what you think. And your thoughts would make a wonderful end goal. If there are no weapons (at least no firearms) then no one could steal them. But of course, there is always the doubt that those who want them will get them, even if forbidden or basically removed from the scenery. But I agree, of course. No firearms, no use of them.
    Over here you can only get firearms when you pass certain tests and training AND give a good reason that you need one (for example, target shooting, officers,…). My dad had a weapon permission (and a weapon) since he was a jeweler. He only carried it along when he transported jewels to fairs, for example. The members of the Swiss military here have their guns at home… nothing happens here because of that!! They are well educated how to use it. I also cannot remember a case when a weapon shop was robbed.
    it really has a lot to do with who is basically allowed to get a gun and that people respect life.

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    • Great comments Erika. Respecting life is what it should come down to, but it would appear that respecting money (in the U.S.A.) is currently a higher priority. Let us hope that the current momentum for stricter controls will be maintained, or better … increased, so that the politicians are forced to take a stand. That stand could well make or break them at the next election.

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  6. It’s an ignorant asinine solution to a serious problem and just goes to show where his loyalties can be found. Arming teaches would produce about 750M in gun sales. Enough said. He’s an ass of the highest degree to even think people should take his words seriously.

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  7. And you were doing so well! Did you clear this one with Ray? lol. I am kidding. As a retired cop I don’t disagree with you that we have way too many guns out there, and especially way too many in the hands of people who have no business owning guns. Making it illegal to own a gun will never and should never happen. There are many countries out there with millions of guns that to not have the same problem we do. Our society is the problem and not the guns. We can live with guns. Having said that, I have never believed that mass killing machines like the weapons used in all these mass shootings should ever be available to the public and there is no constitutional protection for those. I also agree that we don’t need to arm teachers, but obviously our children do need protection at our schools. I don’t know of a school district around here (Texas) that does not have it’s own police force. None of this is going to deter someone bent on a school killing spree. Most of them have gone in with the idea that they are not coming out alive so armed teachers or even officers will not stop some from trying. Having said that, if a shooter does make it into your child’s school and into your child’s classroom with an AR-15, at that moment, what would be your preference then when the moment comes that everyone, including your child, will die in that room? Would you want that teacher to have a gun at their disposal at that moment? I sure as hell would. But of course the ideal situation would be to make it so that never happens. But that is not the case right now in America is it? And how many kids have to die while we wait for it to become reality just because people are afraid of guns? These are tough questions and sometimes tough questions have no clear answers. America’s love affair with weapons is ugly. There has to be gun control of the toughest kind or nothing will change. I personally believe everyone should be allowed a gun at home for home protection. I don’t know about allowing anyone to carry it out of their home. Maybe that should be illegal. Still though, there are many places in the U.S. that it can be rather dumb to travel to without a gun.
    As for hunters, that is another matter that has nothing to do with this one. I am not a hunter and have never aspired to hunt, though I have never had anything against those that do. If you don’t like it don’t do it. It’s not up to you that other people shouldn’t. Hunter’s aren’t the problem. I fish. No one ever entered a school with a fishing rod to cause problems.

    And lastly, and even more importantly, our president is a dumbass. Never believe a word that comes out of his mouth because what ever it is, it almost guaranteed to be a lie or stupid or both. Our biggest problem is the power of the NRA. Get rid of them and a solution will present itself rather quickly after that.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing thoughts, particularly as you have a law enforcement background. I did note “up front’ that I was going to be idealistic, and while we do differ in certain areas (our respective backgrounds made that a given!) , I think we do agree that the status quo is totally unacceptable. A number of companies are now choosing the break ties with the NRA, so perhaps that “wall” is starting to crumble. I sincerely hope so. Great response to the Post. Thanks again.


  8. Thanks for your post. America needs all the help that we can get!
    You know my thoughts already on this subject so I will refrain from going into a long spiel.
    On a good note I can say that voices are louder now for change, than they have been before. Will they be loud enough? I sure pray that they are!
    Columbine should have been the first and last school shooting!! For it to have taken this long for America to WAKE UP is insane!

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  9. You do really have good suggestions to, how to protect the kids and other innocent souls.
    I heard this with the teachers some days ago and thought, it is not possible, that a US president are saying so, but yes it was. Very sad.
    For a foreigner, I live in Europe, this case seems to be so strange. We are not allowed to have weapons, unless with a special permission. I agree with you about the hunters too.
    Instead of saying sorry to the kids for their loss, it would be so much better to say sorry to the people, who need to deliver all their weapons. At least some more should be able to survive by that.

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