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This week was intended to be dedicated to celebrating Ray on his adoption anniversary. What could be more important than that? An impromptu review of life could do it!

Talking about life is not unusual, but talking about death is taboo to so many people … and yet it is inevitable.  It seems to me that a significant difference between someone with a terminal medical condition, and myself, is that they have a better perspective on their life expectancy than I have on mine.  I could get killed in a traffic accident this coming weekend, or I could live to see my 80th birthday.

What everyone of us shares, is the fact that our respective lives WILL END at some point in the future. That raises the question of why so many of us are living for “tomorrow”. We are going to do so much “tomorrow”. “One” day I would like to ………..?” “Perhaps tomorrow I’ll call and say hi.”

Whereas my “career life” has been very stable, my volunteer interests have been varied, and I have listened to many people who have expressed regrets about their life. Sadly, those reflective  moments so often came at a time when they could do nothing about it. Putting things off until “tomorrow” is doomed to failure because one day … tomorrow is not going to come. A worse case scenario would that tomorrow arrived, but you were in no position to appreciate it.

I was only introduced to Holly Ann Butcher two days ago via a friends Facebook account. If you have not heard of her, she was born in 1990, and died in 2018. She was an Australian young lady who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 26. Shortly before she died, she wrote down her thoughts on life, and those thoughts are now available for all of us to ponder.

I found it an extremely emotional video, and I sincerely hope that you will also be moved. This young lady has left quite a remarkable legacy … a reality check on what should be important to us as we each ponder our own life.

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  1. The video is so incredibly sad and beautiful at the same time. Such a vibrant young lady who was mature beyond her years. Words of wisdom indeed.

    No one leaves this world alive. Dying is a natural part of living. From the moment we take our first breath, we are on our way to taking our last. Perhaps some people think if they don’t acknowledge death in any way, shape or form, it won’t visit them. Nothing in life is that easy.

    I hope this video is seen by the folks who refuse to discuss death. Perhaps it will give them a different outlook, or at least encourage a dialogue between them and their loved ones.

    Difficult subject Colin. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  2. This is so very touchingly beautiful! My eyes are still wet. Such poignant wisdom that she shared. Things really are just things! They can never compare to relationships with people!
    Thanks for sharing. It brought a lump to my throat, tears to my eyes and touched my heart.

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    • As I noted in a Post sometime ago, you can take a walk around any graveyard and read the comments. They will acknowledge the deceased as a friend, lover, spouse, parent and perhaps for their skills as a musician, teacher, entrepreneur etc. I have get to read one that says that he/she will be remembered for their manicured front lawn, or their new Buick, or there fine furniture. i.e. Live your life around material things, and you will soon be forgotten.


  3. It’s really sad that she died so young, but her message should be read by all of us. I find it particularly sad that no-one wanted to talk about death with her. When my Mum-in-law was in her 90’s that was her main topic of conversation. I didn’t mind at all, because as Holly says, we’re all going there.

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    • That is the only indisputable truth isn’t it. We will all die at some point in time, so the questions become “How do I want to spend my remaining time here? How would I like to be remembered?”. The answers produce life goals, so the final question must be – “Am I really living my life in such a way as to achieve those goals?”

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