“Just Thinking”

I could not resist copying the text (below) from a Comment made against my recent Post “I don’t like poetry!”

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“MY ADVICE as an English major and having a Master’s in literature and being in LOVE with poetry is…BUY THIS BOOK. Colin’s poetry is not only understandable (although pieces of it come back to “haunt” me and I take the book down from my shelf and reread a particular poem often), but moving and interesting, and worth the price of the book. I even used one of his poems with my Advanced Writing Class, and it caused the most wonderful discussion and a real “ah-ha” teaching moment. I highly recommend it!”

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The book “Just Thinking”  can be purchased direct from the FriesenPress Bookstore, and all other major on-line book retailers, and is available in eBook, Paperback and Hard Cover formats.

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  1. This is a glowing review and definitely a feather in your cap! Your poetry being used in an Advanced Writing Class…an unexpected wow moment for you. Thank-you for sharing!

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