The Future!

Blogging is going to be rather erratic for probably most of this Spring and Summer. It’s just going to be a busy (by design) year!

There is a trip planned in the not too distant future and, upon my return, I have a large and complex “to do” list which includes painting the exterior of our home; refinishing our front and back porches, and a whole pile of “lesser” projects! Of course these have to be worked around the routine tasks and walking Ray … not forgetting the inevitable age related appointments etc., and dare I mention my current regular commitments! I think I had more free time when I was working full time … but I am not complaining.

I have a few health issues, but all are under control with medications, and I am fully functioning with 72 years old legs, arms, feet and hands! The reality is that anything can change without much notice so this year is going to be a demanding one physically by design. Who knows what could change between now and next year?

It is interesting because, at my age, I am very much aware of the privilege of waking up in the morning!  My old car had to go (it was a 2001 model), and I now have a nice new one with a baffling display of electronics! It crossed my mind that if this one lasts as long as its predecessor (same make and model) then, statistically, it is likely to outlive me! The last time this house was painted was just over 20 years ago, so if  my paint job this year is as good as that one …. it will almost certainly be the last time that I paint the exterior of this house.

I am hoping to be able to maintain the Saturday music posts, mainly because they are pretty easy to pull together, but other Posts?

Those of you who are Followers will obviously be advised as/when a Post is published. For those of you who are not Followers and just drop by periodically … a solution would be to click that Follow button  and then you need do nothing more than check your email … which I am guessing you do regularly anyway.

Finally, a reminder to anybody who likes to read true life stories where a dog is the star – “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” covers the emotional roller-coaster ride of the first 18 months of living with our beloved Ray!

“Just Thinking” is a book of easy to understand poetry about life, and can be picked up and an item read whenever convenient. … the rest can be saved for later. It might be really good as a coffee table book as the cover will offer a tranquil setting for your guests while they wait for their tea or coffee and, who knows, they might even pick it up and be provoked into conversation.

“The Odessa Chronicles” is a collection of fictional stories suitable for children from age 4 to 104! If you know a child, or can admit to still having a child within, then this is the book for you. It is quite simply just fun to read.

Please click the book covers in the column to the right (may have to scroll) for more information. In the meantime, I have some work to do.


“The Greenwoods Election.”

Some of you may be aware that there are some political “sensitivities” around here at the moment at both our Provincial and Federal levels of government. Most of you are probably aware of the “sensitivities” in the UK regarding Brexit. All of you are no doubt aware of the “sensitivities” in the USA. Probably none of you are, however, aware of the issues surrounding the Greenwoods election. Continue reading

Author Bio!

Author’s introductions to their books can be interesting and, while I have an intimate relationship with my history, I thought perhaps some of you would be interested in my books intros … courtesy

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Continue reading

A Milestone!

The book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” (my account of the first 18 months of Ray living with us), just recently sold an eBook version in Australia … so thank you so much Australia! Why the personal thank you to Australia? Because that single copy purchase gave a total sales to date of 100 copies! Continue reading

“The Uexpected Hero” (Part 3)

Assuming that you have read Parts 1 and 2, please continue … and enjoy!

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Odessa landed on the ground a short distance away from the fox and started limping. The fox stopped and looked at her with curiosity. She was about to congratulate herself on a good plan, when the fox turned and once again started heading directly towards Dewey!

She watched from above as the fox got closer and closer to him. Dewey was still a few minutes away from the tree when it happened. Odessa saw the grasses part ahead of her, and a large dog with big dark brown eyes came bursting out and heading directly at the fox! Continue reading

“The Unexpected Hero” (Part 2)

Presuming that you have read Part 1 – please proceed and enjoy!

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They made their way over to the trees and, while Dewey was checking out various scents on the ground, Odessa was flying around looking for mice. He watched her in amazement, for she was quite a large bird, and was so graceful when in flight. He also noticed how silent she was when swooping low over the ground. He thought, I am so glad that I am not a small furry creature around here. Continue reading