The Moonbeam Farm Gang!

“The Odessa Chronicles”, a book of stories for children of all ages, will be released very shortly and is based around some interesting characters who live together at Moonbeam Farm.

There is Dewey. He is a cat. His main goal in life is to sleep and eat, both of which he is very good at. He gets served his meals and is generally treated like royalty, so it is understandable that he believes that he is in charge of everything at the farm.

Jaxon is a Jackalope … a unique creature (Jack Rabbit/Antelope X) with some magical powers. He is a very easy going kind of individual, but can be manipulative and, with his magical abilities, it is understandable that he believes he is discreetly in charge of everything at the farm.

Joshua is a human. He purchased the farm to fulfill his retirement dream, soon to realize that he was in fact going to be sharing it with three rather unusual characters. Of course it is his farm, so it is understandable that he believes he is in charge of everything there.

Odessa is a Barn Owl and, being the only female there, makes her superior intuitive qualities well known. She is very wise, being an owl, and will challenge the others if their use of language or their decision making abilities are flawed. It is therefore quite understandable that she believes she is in charge of everything at the farm, and has the attitude to be quite convincing!

The interactions of these four characters started off as an experimental expansion of an idea by Carolyn Shelton (, and the resulting collaboration offered so much potential that “The Odessa Chronicles” was born!

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  1. OH yes, the big question, “Who does really run the show?” Not sure, it may vary on different days. 🙂 I do know that If any of them were left alone on Moonbeam Farm without the others that they would be quite sad! They need each other, and besides that, if Dewey was left alone, he would starve!

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