The Jackalope (Part 2)

Last Wednesday, I posted part of the story from “The Odessa Chronicles” which introduced Jaxon to the reader. Below is the final part of “The Creation of Jaxon”.

** *** **** *** **

The Creator studied the Jackalope for a long time, and decided that to change its physical shape would be very risky. If this was going to be successful, he needed to use his magical powers. The first thing he did was to give the Jackalope the power of communication, in whatever language was necessary. He then confronted the Jackalope. “My friend,” he said. “You were created in a manner that should never have happened, and for that I apologize. Your survival abilities are currently very questionable, so I am going to give you magical powers. You will be able to understand all creatures as they talk to each other, so you will know what is going on, and make yourself invisible if necessary.” He paused.

“You will have many other powers, my dear Jackalope; however, there are some things you must understand. Your abilities to communicate and disappear as necessary will be permanent powers, but be careful with using any other magic. Some of your powers should only be used once, so always ask your inner-self about any intentions to use magic, and listen to the answer carefully. Are you prepared to accept these conditions?”

The Jackalope looked up at the Creator and slowly nodded his head.

“Very well,” said the Creator, “close your eyes and count to three.”

The Jackalope closed his eyes as instructed and, just as he finished counting, felt a warm tingling sensation all over his body. He then opened his eyes, and smiled. “Can I ask you for something else, Mister Creator?”

The Creator looked down at the Jackalope. “What is it, my dear friend?”

The Jackalope turned a little to one side, with some obvious embarrassment. “Mister Creator … can I have a name?”

“Well, of course you can,” said the Creator. “Your name is now ‘Jaxon’. You are going to be a unique adventurer, and you will live forever.”

Jaxon looked up at him. “A unique adventurer? Live forever?”

“Yes,” said the Creator. “You are the only Jackalope that will ever be created, so you are unique, and you must therefore live forever. I also believe that you will be an adventurer! Go out into the world and have some adventures!”

** *** **** *** **

“The Odessa Chronicles” consists of almost 300 pages of stories about the creatures living at Moonbeam Farm. For more information, please click the book cover in the column over to the right. Enjoy!

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  1. I have to say that this is one of the best stories ever and I LOVE it! Benjamin is currently on vacation with another family member, but I know that he will love Jaxon’s story too! Might I also say, Jaxon’s story is a great enticement to purchase The Odessa Chronicles…but, we already have. I hope that it will induce the same response from many, many others. Thank-you!

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