Galadriel lives on!

Many years ago, I used to lead a cycling group. During one ride, one of the cyclists somehow lost control and rode into a drainage ditch! Whereas he survived the ordeal very well, his bicycle frame fractured in threeΒ  places.

As I was rebuilding/servicing bicycles as a home hobby, he gave me the bicycle as he knew that I could probably use the wheels, gears etc. I had an old steel Peugeot frame available and so rebuilt it with all the hardware off the above bicycle and, after a “paint job”, she became Galadriel.

Fast forward 9 years (to this week)! I am clearing out “stuff”, on the basis that if I have not used something in the past three years, and if it has no tangible sentimental value, then to keep it is nothing less than hoarding … and it should go somewhere where it would serve a better purpose.

Clearing out our garden shed, I took a hard look at Galadriel. She was a lovely bicycle to ride, but I had not ridden her since 2010 … and I did have other bicycles.

When I was leading the cycling group, I was also working (as a volunteer) in the associated bicycle shop in the service/maintenance area (I wanted experience of modern bicycles). I was at that same shop a few days ago, and reminisced for a while with the owners. Then I asked “Do you remember (name), the guy who fractured his bike frame when he went into a ditch?” They did remember him, and still saw him occasionally.

It was my plan to offer him his “refurbished” bike back if he wanted it and, with the help of our bike shop, I got in touch with him.Β  He said that he would love to have it back because him and a friend were donating bikes to a local charitable organization who offer them to those who cannot not afford to buy them, and he thought that his old bike could become a great commuter bike!

Galadriel was appropriately overhauled and road tested, and went off last Tuesday on adventures new!

She is an “old girl” by today’s standards, but still has a lot of life left in her. Better that life be spent on the road doing what she was designed to do, than to gather dust in my shed … and I have a little more space to help with my organizing!

33 thoughts on “Galadriel lives on!

  1. A very cool story! What a great feeling to know that you helped Galadriel live on in a special way! If the bike could talk, just think of what it might say. Its probably bursting with excitement to meet its new owner, and who knows what adventures they may have together!

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  2. We have an organization that takes used bikes, refurbishes and gives them to less fortunate kids. I got rid of my old one like that. I have a bike now that I haven’t ridden in close to 20 years. Just not a biker. I should do the same. Love that your bike went full circle.

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  3. Nice story Colin. When I was with ex partner, his ex wife and I bought the boys ‘new’ bikes at an auction held by my Other Brother. We donated one of the boys original bikes to a foster boy who didn’t have one. I still have his mother’s letter.

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