Tail Wags!

When I decided to document my first 18 months of living with Ray (resulting in “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”), it soon became obvious how Ray’s perspective on things would be very different from my own.

Ray was a very challenging dog**, and was an instant education for me in all things canine. Trying to understand almost 80lbs of rescued German Shepherd/Rottweiler with an attitude, produced sufficient material that each chapter in “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” was split into two parts … my perspective on the events, followed by how I envisaged Ray would see them.

For all the “trials and tribulations” of those first 18 months, there were also happier moments which had to be documented in order to present a balanced view of living with him. It was decided to insert text boxes of Smiley Moments (for me) together with Tail Wag Moments (for Ray).

Below are Tail Way Moments copied from “Who Said I was up for Adoption?”:

Pic 1 – On Laundry

Pic 2: What’s in a name?

Pic 3 – On the canine GPS system (note: OMHS is the Humane Society where he lived for a while)

** Ray tested positive for Stage 2 Heart-Worm at his initial medical examination; had no social skills; lunged and barked at people and other dogs; was on anxiety meds; displayed fear aggression; exhibited startle response, and gave no warning growl of any displeasure.

More information about “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” can be found by clicking/selecting the book cover in column on the right!


26 thoughts on “Tail Wags!

  1. I just wanted to share an interesting story with you about “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” When I was in my Son’s car awhile ago, I saw a well worn copy of this book on the passenger seat of his Jeep. I told him that I know all about this book and asked where had he gotten it. It seems that it has been going from person to person at the agency where he works and fell into his hands. He told me to look on the inside cover. Printed by someone are these words : Read, Enjoy and Pass it on. I think that is a fantabulous idea! A Ray of sunshine indeed! Thank-you!

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  2. I loved the laundry and the BUDDY moment! When I was much younger, I often wondered why do I get called by a different name at school and home? At times I used to be confused in school if the teacher was actually referring to me since I was so used to be called by my nick name.

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    • He is certainly an excellent example of the benefits of:
      Positive Reinforcement Training
      Asking professionals for help as necessary
      Being very patient
      Giving constant TLC
      Taking the time, and making the effort, to understand how he (and other dogs) “work”.
      Acknowledging that he also has, needs, desires, and feelings … and can show fear, anger and frustration just as easily as humans.

      He has most certainly been a major education for me! 🙂

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