Shaken … not stirred?

The subject line could be taken straight out of a James Bond drink mix guide, with “shaken … not stirred” being the final instruction before tasting! How about another recipe…..

Recipe for Disaster!

Take one young man who was bitten by a German Shepherd in his early teens, and gently allow to age over 50 years ensuring minimal contact with other dogs.

Introduce almost 80lbs of rescued German Shepherd/Rotti with an attitude and gently mix together. After a few weeks, the German Shepherd/Rotti should have attached itself very effectively to the man.

Encourage the attachment and enjoy the end results! It is to be expected that the mix will not always be smooth but, given time and if done properly, will be very appetizing.

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My book “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” is not only the result of following such a recipe, but also documents in great detail the emotional roller coaster ride that was the first eighteen months of us living together.

I knew nothing much about dogs … except that they can bite. He knew nothing much about humans … except that they can be a cause for great concern.

He offered to adopted me anyway, and I accepted his proposal. I am now on first name terms with trainers and vets, and was introduced  to the behavioral sciences as applied to dogs!

Living with Ray has been a huge education for me (which is ongoing), and I would recommend “Who Said I was up for Adoption?” for anybody who is either getting their first dog; first rescued dog, or who simply have a dog which is quite different from their earlier experiences!

The link (book cover in right column), goes to where there are a number of reviews  however, it is also available from all the usual on-line book retailers as well as direct from the Friesen Press Bookstore. If you have recently adopted a dog, or know of somebody who has, please give it some consideration as it could well make a world of difference in the resulting canine/human relationship!



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