A product of the early 1980s. Jon Anderson (lead vocal for Yes), and Vangelis (“Chariots of Fire” movie sound track) combined their respective creativity here. While I love the overall presentation, Vangelis takes the melody into a particularly gentle and beautiful phase in the latter half of the recording. Enjoy!

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  1. Jon and Vangelis, though the partnership ended badly, produced several very good albums. Private Collection, that this song is from; and the last album, the original 1991 Page of Life are among my album collection. Deborah is one of my favorites, the music is outstanding and the lyrics written by Jon for his daughter (the Deborah) are lovely. Thank-you!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it Ellen, and thank you for the additional information. “Friends of Mr. Cairo” and Jon’s “”Song of Seven” both have some interesting tracks on them! 🙂


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