Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian treasure, but it recently came to my attention that she is less known on the Europe side of the Atlantic Ocean so … let’s rectify that in a small way. Enjoy! Continue reading

“Whistling Rufus”.

To quote Monty Python .. “and now for something completely different”! I first heard “Whistling Rufus” when I  was around 11 or 12  (mid/late 1950s) and my feet started tapping. They still start tapping whenever I hear it. Continue reading


Quite a while ago now, I posted a link to a Buffy Sainte-Marie song, and not only was it well received (as it should be), but I also received a thank you from her … for loving her songs. She has had a remarkable musical career, and I have been a fan from way back in England in the mid-1960s. Continue reading

“Don’t Forget About Me.”

Last year, I spent two weeks on our West Coast (Vancouver area) … being my annual visit to see my son and daughter. Last year was a little different in that it was also an opportunity to meet Blogger Carolyn (joyroses13.wordpress.com) and her family! Continue reading

“White Christmas”

“White Christmas” is a standard contribution to Christmas (at least for me). I associate it with Bing Crosby as he reflects on past Christmases. It is a bit of an emotional song with a tempo to match and so, just to be different, here’s a version for all of you who are getting stressed over the imminent holidays and just want to let loose for a few moments. Continue reading