“I’ve been this way before …”

Last Saturday I linked to Blackmore’s Night performing “Dandelion Wine”, and noted what a great song on which to potentially end a concert program. Continue reading


“Dandelion Wine”

The first time (and all subsequent times) I heard this song, my thought was “What a wonderful way to end a concert.” Continue reading

“Streets of London”

I saw Ralph McTell sing “Streets of London” at the Peterborough Folk Club back in the late 1960s, and here he is singing it 50+ years later. Not only has the song stood the “test of time” but the audience remembered it, and joined in, which was really nice. Continue reading

“Going Home”

Mark Knopfler is generally known as the front man/lead guitarist for Dire Straits, and for his fast fingering of the guitar.  What may be less known is that he has also written music for movies, one piece of which is titled “Going Home”. Continue reading

I am, you are, we are … (?)

It would seem that the politicians who are instrumental in maintaining democracy are using divisive politics (divide and  conquer strategy) to simply further their personal agenda, as well as the agendas of those who support them. Continue reading