Melodic recycling perhaps?

Carol has been sorting through some boxes of history, and came across the metal keys from a childhood Glockenspiel (Xylophone with metal keys instead of wood). Her recollections were that it sounded pretty bad and came to an untimely end however, she had decided a long time ago to keep the keys. They might be useful in the future … perhaps for wind chimes?

She has a 5 years old nephew who is pretty outgoing, and who loves the band Queen, and I have all kinds of scrap wood in our garden shed. Those two facts raised a question from Carol “Can you make a Glockenspiel out of your wood and with these keys for him?” Continue reading

“The Carnival is Over”

The¬† Seekers released “The Carnival is Over” in 1965 and, needless to say, it was very popular. What continually amazes me with many bands, is how they can perform their earlier hits with great success around 50 years later … as evidenced in this 2014 video of The Seekers performing “The Carnival is Over.” Continue reading

“Dream With You”

Many (probably most) of you will know of Mike Oldfield¬† who is (to me) the king of “dreamscape” music. His music allows my mind to go pretty much anywhere. The only criteria is that I must have the time, and a comfortable place, to allow me to just “leave” for a while! More recently I came across Sally Oldfield, who is Mike’s sister and who has a wonderful depth of tone in her voice (checkout “Silver Dagger”) however, this Post is about Terry Oldfield! What a talented family! The link below goes to a 10 min track, but there appears to be some technical issues because the track ends at around 6:10. A new track then starts and ends abruptly around 10:00!

I am suggesting you experience Terry Oldfield in the 0-6:10 time frame. Enjoy!

“Legend of a Mind” (aka “Timothy Leary”)

My favourite band from the 60’s and 70’s was undoubtedly The Moody Blues. Their 1968 album “In Search of the Lost Chord” included many excellent tracks, but Legend of a Mind stood out because of its structure. Continue reading