“All Over the World”

“All Over the World” goes back to my late teens, and I still find it a very emotional performance. Of course, being in my late teens, and Francois Hardy singing in her pj’s on a flying bed probably helped!

For any Judith Durham (The Seekers) fans out there, there is on YouTube a video of her singing this song. A quite different presentation, and also very easy listening, but the original recording was Francois Hardy. Enjoy.


“I Dreamed Last Night”

Justin Hayward and John Lodge (both key Moody Blues members) detoured for awhile in their musical journey and, in 1975, recorded a “Blue Jays” (Blue = Moody Blues, and Jays = Justin and John perhaps?) album on which was “I Dreamed Last Night”. Not surprisingly it has a very strong Moody Blues  “flavour” to it with the overall sound, as well as the various melodic and structure changes. Continue reading