“May it be”

From my perspective, Tolkein’s Hobbit stories are some of the best fiction ever written, and the “Lord of The Rings” movie was close to my understanding of the story line, which is in stark contrast to most book based movies that I have seen.

So we have a classic work of fiction, which precipitated a movie which complimented the story … and we not only have a beautiful melody with some thought provoking words … but a wonderfully clear voice presenting them. Enjoy!

Footnote: This video has a High Definition option (1080p). If your device can handle it, it is well worth selecting

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  1. This is a wonderful version. I love this song a lot. Have you ever heard of Cecilia? She is also called the Healing Voice. The first time I heard this song was from her. I tried to find it on YouTube but unfortunately didn’t. But here is a link to a playlist of some of her songs. Check out I Believe or Going Home. Her voice is unique!

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  2. Enya and Tolkien, what a great combination! Tolkien always makes me think of my brother, as it was through his collection of Tolkien’s books, that I was introduced to his wonderful stories!
    I was listening to Enya earlier this week, such a peaceful, soothing voice that she has. Thanks for the beautiful song, and yes the lyrics does cause one to contemplate some things.

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  3. I would agree with your assessment of the Tolkien stories and Jackson’s “supporting visuals”. A good job was done to capture the LOTR and Hobbit stories. Sure, things were omitted and altered slightly to make a watchable movie, but I don’t think the movies took away from the books. Of course, I am more forgiving of movie/book adaptations. I compartmentalize them to some degree. I will still criticize movie adaptations that go way “off the rails”, but I try to understand that the movie makers are trying to produce their vision of the story. Maybe some have done a few more drugs than others, though??? πŸ˜‰

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    • Yes, the producers, directors etc. do put their “vision” into a given movie. I guess they should but, with a book leaving so much to the imagination, it must be a precarious business trying to second guess how the general audience would have interpreted the book so that the movie compliments it book rather than clashes with it! I wouldn’t want the job! πŸ™‚

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