“The Time of Year”

I am quite confident that many of you, like me, are not getting caught up in the Christmas hype just yet … but perhaps in a couple of weeks? Christmas offers, understandably, a huge potential for retail businesses and regardless of our thoughts on the matter, the  reality is we just have to accept it. It is also a time when various charities see the holiday period as a potentially lucrative time period for additional financial support.

I have no problem with businesses capitalizing on Christmas for reasons of profit, any more than I have with charities fundraising requests however, given a choice between contributing to a profit line, or contributing to supporting a less fortunate person … it is an easy decision for me.

The issue, and the basis for this Post, is the question “What happens after the Christmas period?”

Retail businesses will be planning on adapting  to the drop in business until another opportunity  arises. Charities will have to do likewise, and at the expense of providing some service to our less fortunate colleagues.

We all know that the families below the poverty-line; those requiring professional help and guidance; those suffering from mental, physical and/or emotional abuse, are not in that predicament just over the Christmas holiday period… but do we think about them during the rest of the year?

Around here (Toronto area) there is a huge push to draw girls out of the sexual exploitation business and provide whatever services are necessary to restore their faith in themselves and assist them to get a life that allows them dignity and independence.  That cannot be achieved within the Christmas holiday period.

The following poem is from my book “Just  Thinking”, which is available in eBook, paperback and hardcopy formats, and can be purchased from any of the usual on-line book retailers or direct from Friesen Press. Do you have a young poet, or a volunteer in the social service field, on your Christmas list? Click book cover link in column to the right (may have to scroll) for more information.


Christmas is coming so very soon.

What are you plans for this time?

What is your idea of good cheer?

To eat and drink?

Think of family and friends?

But… why only at this time of year?


You’ll buy this and that.

Perhaps “Thinking of You” cards,

For people so very dear.

You’ll share time together,

And have many laughs

But… why only at this time of year?


The time of year for giving,

To a local shelter perhaps?

Poverty and despair are so near.

Street kids, abused kids, exploited and used kids

Maybe on your mind,

But… why only at this time of year?


Poverty is year round.

Abuse and despair the same.

What else do you need to hear?

You are so giving around now,

And presumably willing,

But… why only at this time of year?


You will celebrate this season

Being generous and kind.

Maybe smile at strangers without fear,

But once the season has passed,

Hopefully you will ask

“Why only at that time of year?”


This time of year, regardless of belief,

Is a time for compassion and sharing;

For revelations so crystal clear;

For knowing that you are able to help,

Perhaps only in a small way

But… why only at this time of year?


At this time of year… this year,

Think… do you really care?

When you see desperation so near,

Are you prepared to share?

Should it be just at Christmas time?

Why not throughout the whole year?

13 thoughts on ““The Time of Year”

  1. Lovely poem Colin. I’m not sure whether to write a new one or recycle one of my favourites for Christmas this year.
    It will be quiet in our house, though we’ll put up the trimmings and I’ve already bought the turkey breast for our dinner. Last year turkey prices rocketed in the shops after about Dec 10th so we had chicken. I’m buying a little bit towards the 25th every week and so far we haven’t tucked into the goodies (I’ve hidden them)

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  2. A poem that sends an important message! We should be focused on giving year round, not just over the holidays.
    I just listened to the song “In the Ghetto” by Elvis that was posted on another blog and it emphasizes the day to day struggle of those in the ghetto. Many of us have no idea what that struggle is like, or the struggle of the one who is abused. We can’t wave a magic wand and take away all their troubles, but we can have hearts of compassion and hearts that can give what we can to help out.

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    • Well said … and the giver always gets a satisfied feeling of knowing they have helped, perhaps only in a small way, but have helped all the same. None of us are probably able to donate millions to a hospital wing etc., but just a very nominal amount on a regular basis is a help and, if we have a little bit to spare, shouldn’t we be helping those less fortunate. That is how I believe a civilized and caring society should behave.

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  3. I do really like your poem, Colin 🙂
    I haven’t been celebrating Christmas for the last 7 years, while I have been in Spain. I didn’t feel for this, as I was not together with my family, so no reason to celebrate. I’m not religious and kept the Kids Day for many years for my kids, when they were kids. For me it is much more about being together with the beloved ones, than about gifts and other material things to do.
    I try my best to give away all year round, when I can see, that I’m able to help.

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