Three Wise Men?

I have been going through boxes of envelopes full of photographs; letters written to me over the years; Old Christmas and Birthday cards; Certificates, and various other miscellaneous souvenirs from the past … all as part of a project to organize our family history into suitable albums. I do not anticipate being around forever, and it seems logical to get everything organized with explanatory notes. Those who inherit the albums will not have to interpret, or shake their heads as they wonder who an individual is! Why “so and so” would be wherever? (etc.)

This Post has little to do with all that … except that I came across an old Christmas Card, from my (late) Mum, which posed an interesting question! !

I guess the answer is no surprise to other women, nor to a number of men!

Enjoy the run-up to Christmas, and keep smiling!

32 thoughts on “Three Wise Men?

  1. Colin, would you let me know if you can see my second post? I changed the name of my blog site and now, since I only had three followers, including yourself, I am afraid even the only followers I have will not see new posts. I am so new to WordPress and how it works.

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  2. Absolutely loved this card and shared it to my Facebook friends. By the way…since I love your blog and I only recently began blogging for for the first time and you were so wonderful as to read my first blog/story and be a follower(1 of 4), I wanted to let you know I changed the name to Paws4Animalstories and wasn’t sure if you would get my next blog or story I published which are all about the animals adopted through our local humane society. Thank you so much Colin for your stories. I absolutely love your book Who Said I was up for Adoption? If only I could get my stories out, but I just don’t have the confidence.

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      • Afraid no one will read my stories. I have always had two loves in this life. Animals and writing! Terrified that someone will not like the stories that come from my very soul about something I love so much.

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        • People will read them, but whether they like them will depend on so many things. There will always be somebody who does not like your stories, just as there will always be somebody who does like them. That is just a simple reality of our species. Some of us love our pets, while others see no value in them. That should not stop you from at posting a story in your blog to see what reaction it gets, but you have to be open minded about the feedback. I have Followers who enjoy my Blog and have purchased my books … but I have also been threatened. That’s our world.


  3. Funny card. This happened to us, going through my late father-in-law’s things. We found many a picture where we scratched our heads and wondered who the heck that person is. And he was a machinist, and I found lots of tools that also left me scratching my head.
    I think you’re really doing your heirs a favor and kindness with all this work.

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  4. Yup, I agree with what the card says!
    Nice that you still had this to bring you a smile as a reminder of your Mom. Thanks for sharing it. It gave me an extra good laugh because … well, you will see.
    Yes, keep smiling! πŸ™‚

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  5. haha Yes, I knew the answer! πŸ˜€
    I’m also going through old papers and sorting ‘stuff’ out. It takes a while, as I keep finding things that make me stop, think and remember – like your lovely card from your Mum. πŸ™‚

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