33 thoughts on ““Answer”

  1. Sarah is an artist. She can connect with her audience and tell her story. Her voice is an instrument on it’s own. Refreshing and leads you on a lonely path to help you think cheerfully. She’s a dandelion, rare beautiful flower. A precious Dingo. I wish I could be Adam and she could be Eve. She’s a gift from Heaven. RESPECT!!!

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      • The moral of the story was for people who are not happy of the poor work on dialogue to remember the mute button exist. Oppose to hating the whole material because of sound when there’s so much to enjoy. I understand your point and it’s valued but do you understand why mute button topic is going to. It’s to encourage people costume lovers,crafts men,those who are fascinated by lighting. Some people like me I don’t care about dialogue. I just wanna see Wardrobe, hair and make up. Because through costume I understand the story. Most people understand the story only when there’s sound. eg. Growing up I used love Kung Fu movies of ancient times and believe I don’t speak Chinese but I can tell you the whole story my friend. # Jacky Chan – you killed my father 100 years ago and today I’m back for revenge lol. That’s the mute button point but I get you my good fellow.

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          • Thank you. We are simply enjoying the post. We are saying the same thing but just different views. It’s like watching a soccer game in you are supporting the same team. But we see scoring chances differently yet pursuing the same goal. It’s a Wardrobe thing,costume designers pay attention to everything because Wardrobe always saves the day on set and off set. I really appreciate his comment and your unexpected question just made my day.

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          • The mute button started from a post is someone who had a terrible trailer from sound buy enjoyed the clip because she love costume. So dialogue didn’t matter. I hope this helps?

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