.. and then there were three!


For anybody mystified by this post, see link below:


We’ve had them for a while now but the location, relative to the sun’s position, and the fact that we have to take the pic through rear window glass panels, makes for limited photo opportunities. As at this morning (Tuesday 28th), there are 3 hungry little chicks with mouths permanently open, and Mom and Dad are going non-stop feeding them. Hopefully we’ll have an opportunity or two for some “chick pics”!

19 thoughts on “.. and then there were three!

  1. Just like human babies, they need feeding often. We had baby birds one year but no photo ops. Starlings built a nest in our smoker-grill one spring, accessing it through its “chimney.” We opened it to grill some steaks and found, to our surprise, squawking babies in a well-insulated nest of twigs, straw, feathers, hair, etc. They’d even filched some marigold petals, to ward off pesky insects, maybe? We let them stay until the babies flew the coop. πŸ™‚

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