I have recently had a few dialogues about singers who left us rather prematurely, and that topic would be incomplete without mentioning Sandy Denny. She  sang some lovely songs in her own rather unique style, one of which (“Full Moon”) was the subject of a Post here on Aug 2, 2017! Enjoy “Solo”.

“Good morning, good afternoon, and what have you got to say?

Well I’m waiting, but I can’t stay long, it’s such a lovely day.

There’s a time to be talking and a time when it’s no use.

Right now I think the things you say are liable to confuse.

I’ve just gone solo. Do you play solo? Ain’t life a solo?

What a wonderful way to live; She’s travelling all over the world.

Why, the fame and all the golden opportunities unfurled.

No time for the gent with the Mulliner Bentley and heaven knows what else.

Why, he wouldn’t even stand a chance with all his oil-wells.

She just went solo. Do you play solo? Ain’t life a solo?

I’ve always lived in a mansion on the other side of the moon.

I’ve always kept a unicorn and I never sing out of tune.

I could tell you that the grass is really greener on the other side of the hill,

But I can’t communicate with you and I guess I never will.

We’ve all gone solo. We all play solo. Ain’t life a solo?”

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