“Dream With You”

Many (probably most) of you will know of Mike Oldfield  who is (to me) the king of “dreamscape” music. His music allows my mind to go pretty much anywhere. The only criteria is that I must have the time, and a comfortable place, to allow me to just “leave” for a while! More recently I came across Sally Oldfield, who is Mike’s sister and who has a wonderful depth of tone in her voice (checkout “Silver Dagger”) however, this Post is about Terry Oldfield! What a talented family! The link below goes to a 10 min track, but there appears to be some technical issues because the track ends at around 6:10. A new track then starts and ends abruptly around 10:00!

I am suggesting you experience Terry Oldfield in the 0-6:10 time frame. Enjoy!

18 thoughts on ““Dream With You”

  1. She has a nice, soothing voice. This is music to listen to just before, and just after, an IRS audit. It lets one know that everything will be okay. The fines are payable. The jail time is only a few short years. No worries. No problems.

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