Age and/or COVID?

Since COVID-19 became the uninvited guest in our world, Carol has been doing our shopping as necessary, while I have been keeping a very low public profile. The ramifications of that created this Post!

A small family store just outside of our general urban area had been highly recommended for their pies and pastries. Given that it would be around a 30 minute drive to get there, we decided to use the opportunity for all three of us to go and have an adventure.

As an aside, and because of our shopping arrangements, I have done very little regular buying of anything these past 6 months or so! On the isolated occasions when I have been at a checkout, there has been no money transacted (no touching of money) … but rather a simple “tap ‘n’ go with a credit card.

With the above information in mind …

We arrived at the store and, given that Ray can get extremely distraught and very vocal if Carol leaves us, it was decided that I would go in and buy some baked treats for us. It was a very small store, so I had quickly selected what I thought would be really nice and proceeded to a table that was obviously the checkout area.

A young man totalled up my purchases and gave me the credit card machine, which I intuitively tapped, but nothing happened. I then saw the little sign taped onto the machine … “No Tap ‘n’ Go.”

My reaction was confusion. I had been using tap ‘n’ go for the past 6 months or so now so how was I supposed to pay? The young man told me to insert my card. I must have given him a confused look (Where do I insert the card?) , because he pointed to the slot at the bottom of the machine. Ah yes of course! It was all coming back to me now.

So, having inserted the card, I waited. The young man was watching and leaned in towards me and said. “It needs your PIN number.” Of course! Now I am feeling a little self-conscious. How could I have forgotten that. As my finger hovered over the buttons, I thought “What is my PIN number?” I had a good idea what it might be, but rather than risk bringing the store to a standstill while I fumbled some options, and with the risk of my transaction being ultimately cancelled, I excused myself while I went outside to ask Carol! She knew it!

I returned to the store; carefully entered my PIN number, and watched in delight as the transaction was approved and the paper starting coming out of the machine.

“Would you like the receipt?” he asked

“Yes please” I replied (with a sigh of relief that it was all over now). I then turned towards the exit door, with my bag of baked treats in hand.

“Sir!” I heard from behind me. I stopped and turned. “Sir … you might want to remove your credit card from the machine!”

26 thoughts on “Age and/or COVID?

  1. LOL, Colin. I went to get gas yesterday. I’ve driven so little during COVID that I haven’t had to fill the tank for, literally, months. I pulled up to the pump the wrong way. I’ve had this same car for 12 years but had somehow forgotten the filler hole is on the driver side not the passenger side. I didn’t realize this until I’d already inserted my credit card and chosen my desired octane level. I went to open the hatch and unscrew the gas cap and came away puzzled… where had it gone? I had to start the car and maneuver it so it was facing the other way.

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  2. Haha, I can understand this confusion… Last week I experienced something similar but it had nothing to do with not being used to certain handling anymore. It was only proof of how unconcentrated I was. I bought a few items at a pharmacy and while I handed my loyalty card the shop owner started a conversation with me (I know her for quite a while). She gave me a sample which came right on time. I was so happy about this unexpected present and thanked her a few times. Then I packed the articles I bought into my bag and was about to leave… when the shop owner called me back and asked me to pay… so embarrassing. I simply forgot over handing the loyalty card and the chat.

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  3. I on occasion patronize a little pizza shop near me. About two weeks ago, I placed a carry out order (is there any other kind) and drove down to pick it up. Upon entering the shop I approached the counter, properly masked and isolated behind a large piece of plexiglass. When it was time to pay, and I was reaching for my card, I heard a voice say, we take cash only. So my friend, I don’t know about you, but I’m getting too old for this.

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    • Brings back memories of when my Gran lived with us. She had totally lost touch with the ever changing world, and consoled herself with nostalgic thoughts of how life used to be. I can now understand, at least to some degree, where she was coming from.


  4. Sounds like some of my experiences. I rarely shop, but when I do there is always that moment or two of confusion and fumbling at the credit card machine. Sometimes it’s easier to reach for the cash, and take my chances with whatever disease may result.

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