COVID – Odessa – Christmas!

With COVID-19 controlling our current life-styles, and with Christmas on the horizon. this would seem to be a very appropriate time to promote the book “The Odessa Chronicles.  It can be ordered from any of the usual on-line book retailers, or direct from Friesen Press Store, so no shopping trip necessary. Bonus … it is suitable for ages 4 to 104.

What a great idea to treat those grandparents, parents, friends, relatives, children, nieces, nephews. In fact you could place a single order for 50 copies, and all your Christmas shopping is done! If you need to ponder the idea … then go to and read the reviews!

Below is a link to a story from “The Odessa Chronicles”. It was an experiment in writing because the goal was to insert ourselves into the world of fiction and meet the characters “face to face”. Were we successful? That is for you to decide, but the folk at Friesen Press thought it worked remarkably well.

You can also click on the book cover (over in right column – may have to scroll) for more information.

Enjoy a brief break from the trials of our world!

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