“To Build A Home”

I was working on my computer last weekend, when I heard some interesting vocal refrains from another room which stopped me from what I was doing. Then the melody structure changed completely, and I  just had to  know what it was.

A few steps took me to where the TV is, and there on the screen was Canadian ice skater Patrick Chan doing an exhibition skate to the piece. As the focus was on the skating,  there was no notation of what the song was (perhaps I missed that part), but Google came to the rescue. I will say no more.

Enjoy one of those songs (there are not many)  that I  connected with upon the first hearing.

9 thoughts on ““To Build A Home”

  1. Wow, what deep lyrics and the music transports the message directly to the heart. I heard this song for the first time but connected with it instantly… as you experienced it. When even it made me emotional it also made me smile by the message to live your life. Plant trees and climb them without minding the bruises. The day will come when our bodies turn to dust. That’s what we all have in common. But until then we need to fill our years with life! Great song, and yes, you were right, I like it a lot, Colin.

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