When I discovered Disturbed’s cover of “Sounds of Silence” (previous Post), I also discovered Bad Wolves cover of The Cranberries’ “Zombie”. I have many Cranberries songs in my library, and loved Dolores O”Riordan’s vocals. It was a sad day when she left us so prematurely in 2018, which made me question the ethics of marketing a cover version of a song (which she made so popular) so soon. I was however curious, so I did listen to it. While it did not create the same impact as “Sounds of Silence”, the brief introduction and the performance which followed, certainly got my attention. It was an excellent cover and I loved it. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on ““Zombie”

  1. The past 2 songs that you shared show how you can be so surprised by some songs, if you just take the time to listen to them. Jason had me listen to a song that he loved. He had told me about it and it was from a band that I wouldn’t typically listen too, but I let him play it for me. Now I still wasn’t impressed by the vocals and music, BUT, I was impressed by the lyrics! It is so easy to disregard something because you don’t like how it sounds, but this song really did have powerful lyrics and I was glad that I listened to it.

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  2. I remember that this version showed up when I was on YouTube a while ago. But I did not listen to it. I am glad you shared it here. It is so cool. It really conveys that same powerful energy as the Disturbed version of The Sound Of Silence. I like both versions but this one here is so mobilizing.

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  3. I am a huge Cranberries fan too and have most of their work, Zombie being a great track . Poor Delores she was a very talented but tormented soul.
    I do like this version very much. I have included a video which tells what the song is about, and displays Delores’s haunting voice.

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    • Hi Willow – It was/is a complex issue. I am out of touch now with the situation but, in the 1960’s and 1970’s Eire (S.Ireland) had a problem with N. Ireland, which was seriously aggravated by a Protestant vs Catholic mind set. To really mess things up, N. Ireland was governed from England which also upset a lot of folk! So you had a melting pot of North vs South; Protest vs Catholic, and an anti-English faction.
      I used to work with a man from Belfast, and while he went there on his vacation to visit family etc., our news showed riots in Belfast which included children throwing rocks at British soldiers. Upon his return, I mentioned what we had seen and he was totally disgusted with the whole thing. Apparently, he saw the news media bribing the kids (with money) to throw the rocks at the soldiers while they filmed! Soon after that, the company I worked at had a phone call late one morning from a man with an Irish accent, who said that a bomb had been planted on the premises, and would go off at 3:00pm. Everything came to grinding halt as we were all evacuated. There was no bomb. I cannot imagine what the children during those times were learning.


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