Canada Geese!

Some of you are regularly blessed (?) with Canada Geese. They are very large birds which can be a cause for concern. We experienced an incident once where we were on a bridge overlooking our harbour, and were watching a flock taking off towards us.  They were gaining height rapidly when air turbulence  caused by neighbouring buildings triggered a rapid loss of height … as they were  still approaching us. For a few moments I thought we would have to drop down behind the concrete wall along the edge of the bridge, but they all recovered sufficient height to go over our heads and went on their way. The other thing about Canada Geese is that they are prolific poopers!

Those of you who are not in Canada, but are visited by Canada Geese, may enjoy the pics below which were taken yesterday and today (11th).  You may even enjoy the sheer volume of this large, heavy and prolific pooper that lives here, and it would not surprise me if you were glad that you do not get so many!

Note: The lake is flat, so those dark lines in the distance are not waves … but more and more Canada Geese!

If they all took flight at the same time, the noise from their wing flapping together with their “honking” would be very prominent, in total contrast with an otherwise peaceful setting.

39 thoughts on “Canada Geese!

  1. The visits stopped a long time ago…they’re permanent green card holders now! Yes indeed, they are most prolific poopers. I visited a city lake recently and they were similarly hanging out near the shoreline. I felt bad for the homes across the street from the lake. Lots and lots of sidewalk cleaning. 😉

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  2. Wow, so many geese! It is a sight to see in the photo but yes, a little disturbing when they are coming towards you. Oh, yes, the poops. I remember when we visited a beautiful park close to where we lived in Williamsville. You could barely walk because everything was covered with geese and duck poop. The closer you got to the pond the worse it got.

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  3. In the town next to me there is a large farm that runs parallel to the main road. After harvest every fall, the field is filled with Canada Geese in quantities similar to those in your picture. And who among us so enriched, has not enjoyed the graceful, but noisy, formations in the sky. I checked it once and they travel about 40 miles per hour but with a tailwind can reach speeds up to 70.

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  4. We came upon a flock of about 100 of them, at a lake shore, when we were visiting Maine. I remember there being poop all over the place, and having to step carefully. They were very shy, and when I came within about 50 feet, they all took off. They’re beautiful birds.

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  5. We get them here. Once in a while they will wander into a yard. I had them at my last house which was odd because I didn’t have a large yard nor did I have any water. At this house with the pond I’m more likely to get a mallard couple to court in my pond.

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  6. Hi Colin, We have five resident Canada geese, but every year we have the birds coming to breed here, and the noise can be deafening. The poop is everywhere. Hopefully we will have young this year as we lost all goslings and ducklings plus some adult birds due to a water fowl disease last Summer. We can expect around 200 and they fly over our house every day in flocks of about 50 or so. Quite awesome in its way.

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