A Reality Check!

I wonder how many of you have contemplated what you would like to do, but have not actually started yet. Perhaps you have an  artistic flair you want to develop? Perhaps you want to do some volunteer work? Perhaps you want to get yourself into a fitness routine? Perhaps? Perhaps? Perhaps?

There are so many aspects of our lives that could be developed, and we have every intention of working on them one day don’t we … but here’s a reality check to which some of you will be able to easily relate.

For me, the past 10 years have been a blur of events. Ray came into our lives – I lost a couple of dear friends – COVID arrived – Ukraine is fighting for survival. Then there are the various elections; the significant localized events.  Of course we can’t forget the extreme weather patterns that are generally attributed to climate change, plus events that are a natural part of our aging planet. If you are a regular news “junkie”, then you have probably pondered the “sabre rattling” by North Korea, and also by China. Will Hong Kong maintain its status quo or will it be absorbed into mainland China’s political structure?

So much of the above is simply a sign of my age. I am at an age (75) where I can recall simpler times. Of course they weren’t really simpler times at all, but I was so much younger and more self-involved so was not impacted too much by those kinds of events …. but here’s the reality check:

I was in a thoughtful mood the other day, and generally contemplating the world (and life) in general. It crossed my mind just how fast the past 10 years had gone by. It made me wonder how our world will look in 10 years time … and then it crossed my mind that I may well not be around to see it! Given the average lifespan of men here in Canada, and looking at the male side of my family tree, there is a very strong possibility that I will not be around in 2032.

The significance of that is when I think of how fast the last 10 years went by, and concluded that the next 10 years will presumably pass equally fast. I don’t know about you, but if that perspective doesn’t make you get moving on some dreams/goals, then I don’t know what will!

Food for thought!

29 thoughts on “A Reality Check!

  1. My recent illness/physical condition and now, the loss of My Better Half, has definitely made me re-think dreams and goals I HAVE started on in the past MONTH. Thanks for the reminder that life is too short to waste it. (I have two years on you–am 77.)

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    • Really sorry to hear your news Rae. Things around here have also been medically challenging (albeit not to your extent) but, as somebody once said “Life must go on.” Reading the news re Ukraine certainly reinforces the fact that life is gift and should be celebrated while we can. Today may well be a warm sunny day ………. but tomorrow??? Take care. Stay safe. C.

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  2. We’ll said Colin. The earth, especially as we get older, seems to spin faster causing time as we know it to move faster. I think priorities, knowing what is most important to us, and what makes us most happy is a good guide and motivator to get things done, even if for the moment what might need to get done is to slow down (if that makes sense).

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  3. I certainly hope you are around for years to come Colin. The catalyst for me going to NZ in 2010 was the sudden death of my BIL who wasn’t that much older than me. You never know what’s round the corner.
    Things have changed slightly with our new addition who has been with us for 6 weeks now. She’s amazing, extremely smart and hard work, but worth it.
    We have changed a fair bit in our way of thinking too and trying to enjoy life. health issues have been problematic, but things are looking up and we’re doing OK.
    Hope you, Carol and Ray are well. Take care and keep safe.

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  4. I think it was at about age forty that I started thinking this, when reminiscence engendered the certainty that I wasn’t “young” anymore. Nevertheless, it’s also caused me to come to the conclusion that any, ” ‘Now’ is the ‘good old days.’ ”

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  5. Yeah, our impending, inevitable departure from this world can be a motivator. But we can’t do everything. We can give ourselves a nervous breakdown trying to tick off all the items on a gigantic bucket list. The most important thing on my bucket list is to find my sanity. One day maybe I will, but it won’t be from trying to do too many things in too short a period of time.

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