A New Direction perhaps?

This Blog was started quite a few years ago, and was predominantly going to be a vehicle for sharing my experiences with Ray … our (then) new family member. Ray may longer be with us, but he is missed terribly. However,  the world must keep turning and, in that context, some decisions are going to have to be made about this Blog. What to write about? How to redesign it to reflect a new direction? What will be the new direction and, in fact, will there be a new direction?

Stay tuned, and don’t be surprised to see some decor changes around here!

17 thoughts on “A New Direction perhaps?

  1. I suggest you make your blog about helping Americans understand Canada better. For instance, you can explain why the heck you guys use the metric system. Don’t you realize how much that messes with our heads when we travel north? And what does “eh,” mean? And what should we do if attacked by a moose?

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