It’s in the eyes!

Eyes are a remarkable communicating tool aren’t they. When talking to somebody, and their eyes keep drifting off to one side, is there a distraction? Perhaps there is a time restraint? Perhaps your topic of conversation is of no interest? If they talk to you and do not hold eye contact, do you really believe what is being said? If they hold an unflinching eye contact with you throughout the conversation, how do you feel?

When working with Ray, one of our challenges was to get him to make eye contact with us. As a trainer succinctly noted, if he is not looking at you, he is going to miss the gestures and overall body language cues that you are giving him, and are expecting him to respond to.  So we worked on that and Ray responded exceptionally well. If you have never experienced a pair of large canine eyes locked on to you, then you have missed out on an interesting experience. If the eyes truly are windows to the soul, then I suspect Ray knew so much more about us than we could imagine!

Look closely at his eyes below.

Did you turn away and then go back to look at them again? Perhaps a third time? It’s in the eyes!

16 thoughts on “It’s in the eyes!

  1. I have a rescue dog named Kramer. He is a Pekinese and as you know, they have eyes. Of all the dogs I have had, he is probably one of the most attentive, sitting in front of me and looking directly at me, giving the impression that he understands every word I am saying, and, I’m not sure he doesn’t. He’s just playing me.

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    • You are probably quite correct. He may not understand your words as I would, but with the sounds; the vocal tones; the volume, plus all your body language that goes with that …. I bet he knows exactly what you are saying, especially in the context of how it might impact him!


    • It is my opinion that dogs are so much smarter (because of their limited vocal ability) than we give them credit for, and are the experts on body language. I have heard so many people say how well their dog training is going, and basically taking the credit for it, and I am thinking “If your dog did not want to cooperate, it would be a total waste of time! He/she is reading you ‘like a book’ and is happily choosing to play the game”.

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  2. So true about a dogs gaze into our eyes. In regards to training, “watch” is one of the first critical behavior a dog needs to know (along with stay and leave it). A trainer I followed on you tube when I first adopted Kali put it this way: “If you don’t have your dog’s eyes, you don’t have your dog”.

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