What does your body language tell others?

Body language rarely lies. In fact when the body language is in conflict with the way a situation is being presented, I would trust the body language every time.

As a species, we have developed a quite sophisticated vocal communication system in that we can “keep it simple” or we can embellish. We can get “straight to the point” or we can detour. Which route we take is often dictated by what we are trying to achieve, and how difficult we think that might be to get there.  Simply put, we have developed an impressive system of communication which invites “misuse and abuse”, and one of our problems will always be to listen to what is being said, and then figuring out the thinking behind those words.

I had a dear friend who lived a less complicated life, in that his vocal expressions were minimal, but his body language said so much. He could vocalize what was necessary, but everything thing else was body language. I knew when he was happy, and I knew when he wanted to be left alone. He made it very clear when he wanted something, and was equally clear when being presented with something he did not want. Disturbing him during his sleep was an ill advised action to take. Most of our interactions were via body language, and I often wondered how much insight he had of me simply by my body language? I suspect quite a lot!

Here he is asleep on his place of choice.

I can get so much out of this picture of him. He took possession of our chair as his place of choice to sleep. He liked his head elevated a little (so do I). He felt very secure based on the tangle of legs (it would be complicated to get up fast).  He would have known that a camera was pointing at him, but had no reason to care! Here is a picture of a very relaxed, very contented and very tired Ray.

So the next time you plan on saying something that may not be a true reflection of your feelings, remember Ray and his body language in the above photo … because your body language is likely to “say” so much more!

12 thoughts on “What does your body language tell others?

  1. This is so true Colin. Beautiful picture of Ray, very content and relaxed.
    Maya is very good with her tells when she wants to go out. She will present herself and look at you. Then you get the fingers being licked and she’ll stand up and go to the doorway. Ignore her, and she’s back, either taking your hand and pulling gently, or she’s mumble at you, and if that doesn’t work, she’ll give you a single bark. We are learning as much as she is, but if she wants something, she finds a way to tell you.

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    • Totally agree with you Michael. They like their treats, but are not obsessed with the size of them like many of “us”. Once they learn to trust you, they set the bar very high for patience don’t they, and they are happy with the simplest of things … a walk in the snow; time on a trail; a comfy bed etc. etc. We really can learn so much from them!

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    • Hi Monika. I have often thought that we can learn so much from our canine buddies. They have life down to the basics and can be very happy with that. It takes our species to really complicate things and go totally “off the rails”!

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