Dear Santa

I often just look at Ray, especially when he is sleeping, and feel very content with having him here. He has found a home where he is loved and he reciprocates so readily. When he is out walking, his gait is generally very light and his tail is held up high (even though his nose is down!).

For all his challenges, he really does not expect much from us to make him happy. Say “food” and he wags his tail. Offer him his leash and muzzle and he knows he’s going for a walk and so his tail starts wagging. Whereas he has been trained with treats, he does not get them every time now, but he still cooperates. From his perspective “I didn’t get a treat this time ………… oh well, I’ll no doubt get one next time”. What a perfect attitude for an imperfect world. He just needs to be loved and cared for, and acknowledged as one of the family. Such simple expectations. If he could write to Santa, I think it would look something like this: ___________________________________________________________

Dear Santa

This is Ray. We met last year and I had this photo taken with you. Perhaps you remember me?

2013 12 7 7CR

What would make me happy this Christmas is a few biscuits; an extra piece of rutabaga; perhaps a new toy to play with, and to spend the whole day with people who love me.

If you can give me those things Santa, then I could ask for nothing more.

Love. Ray.

PS: People seem to get so stressed at this time of year over perceived obligations to buy something for somebody when they don’t really know what to get; how much they can actually afford; how much they feel they should spend; whether to invite everybody over; what to wear for the party; who they want to see over the holiday; who they would prefer not to see; they are dreading the January credit card bill, and much more.

People seem to live such complicated lives that I can’t help but think they could learn so much from us canines. They could learn that simplicity may be a complicated concept, but it really is the only way to go. They could learn that if things aren’t quite to their liking today, then tomorrow will likely be much better. We dogs know all that stuff intuitively. Perhaps if they could step outside of themselves for a short time, and then look in as if a spectator, they would see that happiness really is simplicity.

What would be really nice this Christmas is if you could convince people that happiness is not loads of food and drinks. It is not expensive gifts. It is not going into debt. It is not trying to compete or impress. Happiness can be so simple ……………… a few biscuits; an extra piece of rutabaga; perhaps a new toy to play with, and to spend the whole day with people who love you.

More love. Ray.

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  1. I am reading this almost a year late, but the holidays will be here and soon and this is a wonderful post to read now. John and I usually don’t buy gifts for each other. We sit with our little trees and light candles in honor of people we have lost. We spend a quiet Christmas together. (Then of course there is the trip to the family’s)

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