This is Life?

In my seventy years (where did the time go?) of sharing this world with others, I can look back at history and recall various key very personal events.  Those recollections allow me  to look at the present and understand who I am (why I am) today! As for the future? Can you guarantee that I will have one? Continue reading

New Perspectives?

Yesterday, the Post “Good Dog? Bad Dog?” covered some obvious advantages of seeing the world through our dog’s eyes. In the context of dog ownership, and using Ray as an example, it would seem logical to conclude that if we can understand why he behaves in a certain way, then there is a possibility of changing such behavior. If we know why a dog constantly barks (e.g.), then we have an opportunity either remove the “why”, or change his reaction to it, and subsequently eliminate the barking. Continue reading

Appleby College

We have a lovely, and apparently quite expensive, private school (Appleby College) relatively close to our home. We can walk there in less than 30 minutes and, due to it having trails which go through “natural” areas as well as down to the lake, and being available to the public, we often take Ray there. He has always liked trail walks and just loves going to the lake. Continue reading