The Night Shift!

Due to some ongoing sleep issues, I tend to wake up around 5:00am totally “wired”, so I boot up the computer and get some work done. As a result, I am usually in bed by 10:00pm however, Carol is usually awake for another hour or two and so gets Ray’s undivided attention! Continue reading

Let Sleeping Dogs … Part III

Ray has a rectangular cushioned bed in the end of our kitchen which he uses most nights and sometimes during the day. He could curl up on it quite easily, if he wanted to, but he often chooses not to. Instead he stretches out to his full length which dictates part of him is off the bed. Continue reading


In March of last year, we were advised that Ray’s final blood test confirmed his treatment for Heart-worm (the previous summer) had been successful, which meant that there was no evidence of any microscopic “babes” in his system. Continue reading

The Black Shopping Bag!

We have a number of black shopping bags. They are reusable so we not only do not have to pay for plastic shopping bags, but we feel that we are “doing a little” to reduce land fill waste. Of course, anything made of plastic has its origins in the oil industry which is not at the top of my list of environmentally responsible industries anyway! Continue reading

Who am I?

Some time ago now, I wrote a Post * which covered a number of circumstances where people demonstrate that, while they are clearly very interested in learning about any dog they meet, they display little or no interest in the dog’s owner! They ask questions about the dog, but don’t even ask the owner’s name. Many people know Ray’s name , but I am just “Ray’s Dad” …. if I have a name at all! Continue reading