Banana Split!

One day at the end of last October I got Ray ready for his walk and, as I had no particular agenda in mind, I let him pick the route.

He went down to “his” park and checked out various scents but then, instead of heading downtown which I would have expected (Lululemon and TD Bank = treats!), he totally turned around and headed past our street until the road came to a “T” junction at which he made an immediate right turn and worked his way over to a main East-West road. He knew exactly where he was going because this same road goes past OMHS*.

We duly arrived at OMHS and, as is usual, the word went out that Ray was around for anybody who had a few minutes free to come and say “Hi!” After a moment or two, Heather appeared and received the expected ecstatic greeting that Ray saves for her. In fact, given that a jumping 75lb dog can be a bit of a hazard, she usually has to go through the routine of quickly turning away in order to discourage such behaviour. Once he settles down, she allows a more controlled greeting to happen.

We chatted for a while and then I asked her whether she would mind taking care of him for a few minutes while I took advantage of their “facilities”, after which we would be heading home. When I came back into the OMHS lobby area, there was no sign of either Ray or Heather so I started looking around for them. Perhaps Heather had taken him back to her office? Perhaps she had taken him outside?

I eventually found them both in the OMHS “shop” (a room where they sell pets’ toys and supplies) and, given the time of year, Heather had been dressing up Ray in a Halloween costume – a banana split!

2014 10 30 4This moment was captured for posterity with Heather’s cell phone. I will never look at a banana split again without recalling the sight of Ray in that outfit!

*Oakville & Milton Humane Society


21 thoughts on “Banana Split!

    • Well ………. we watched it! Ray has some wonderful expressions. If you could see him raise alternate eyebrows, blink, and look perplexed ….. you would understand his thoughts. The groan as his head goes down clinches it!

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