Where is she?

The first pic below is Ray’s typical position soon after Carol has gone somewhere; if the neighbor’s car moves (we share a driveway); if somebody uses our driveway to turn around, or any other event which Ray feels that he needs to monitor! Continue reading

Ray Power No.2!

I have written numerous Posts about the power that Ray seems to have over people… which he is well aware of and exploits to its maximum potential. He has had stores unlock their doors early in order to give him a treat; open up after their closing time for him; store renovation crews have given him treats, and other stores are slowly succumbing to his charm! Continue reading

Ray’s Book Progress!

My book about Ray (“Who Said I was up for Adoption?”), has established a slow, but consistent, sales performance. A number of you have read it, or are in the process of reading it, and your reviews and/or feedback has made the whole process very worthwhile. Thank you!

To recent Followers, the book is written as a true account of all the “trials and tribulations” experienced during the first 18 months of adjusting my life to include a dog who adopted me… a German Shepherd/Rottweiler – 75lbs of attitude, plus a long list of issues! Continue reading

Can we stall Spring?

For the past few weeks now, I have really been looking forward to Spring. It’s not that I don’t enjoy being knee-deep in snow, and shoveling it is not only exercise, but is also a chance to meet the neighbors who went into hibernation once the temperature dropped below 0C/32F. It’s not that I don’t like silly temperatures (my definition of silly is anything below -20C/-4F). Continue reading