Attn. Published Authors!

Hi ”Guys”

In September of last year I completed a draft of a book covering the first 18 months of living with Ray (not coincidentally, this Blog started from that 18 month point).

The book (my first) is intended to be a fundraiser for our local Humane Society and, as a result, provides me with a financial balancing act to perform. I would like to get as much professional support through the publishing/marketing process as possible, while keeping costs under control. I know that I am going to be “out of pocket”, and that is fine ………… within limits!

My dilemma, and where I am requesting any information that you would be comfortable sharing is where do I go from here? After more revisions/corrections/rewrites than I care to remember, I am now just awaiting “legal clearance” from the Humane Society and must then make a publishing decision.

“Traditional” publishing (e.g. Friesen Press; Authorhouse), with the inherent cost, is being considered, but then there is I have also noticed a number of authors who appeared to have set up their own publishing company.

Given that the book is about a dog, and his Blog has Followers from all around the world, I would like to believe that the book could be marketed accordingly.

Any and all thoughts really appreciated and, if you wish to maintain privacy with the information you are prepared to share, then please email me.

Many thanks. Colin. (and, by association, Ray).


26 thoughts on “Attn. Published Authors!

  1. A friend of ours, William Ball, wrote “Life Among the Giants – Living with Newfoundland Dogs” as possible source of information . He used Epic Press (located in Bellville, Ontario). You might get ideas from his website, A portion of his sales went to Newfoundland Dog Rescue which is similar to what you want to do with the Humane Society. Perhaps, you could contact him through his e-mail address given on the website.

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  2. Well, however you end up going about this process, good luck and I’ll be here to read your book! (As someone well into this experience attempting to do traditional publishing, if you choose that route, good luck – I’m giving it one last round of a shot before I think I go self-publishing).

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  3. I think a book is a terrific idea and of course I’m game when ever the story is about a dog, cat or, horse. I really hope you can swing something and that it’ll be in your favor. By all means keep all rights to the book as Ilex wrote above. There are too many crooks who can put on a good act and con you before you can blink an eye.

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  4. Everything I have read and experienced in moving my fiction from my macbook to publication tells me it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a literary agent to represent your work and market it to traditional publishers, unless you are already an accomplished author OR a celebrity. Put Ray’s name on it and it should be easier! But seriously, if the work is intended to produce revenue for charity remember an agent wants 15% of what you get which isn’t much from a traditional publisher (I think it is less than 10% of retail sales but don’t quote me on that). You can self publish at minimal cost but you bear the cost of editing and art work.Plus you get no help with publicity or marketing. Another option would be to find a “small press” that will accept queries from authors not represented by agents. Your percentages are higher and they sometimes provide art work and at least some editing and marketing. You still will have to push it on your own. Good luck and mark me down for a sale once it comes out.

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  5. Good luck with your book. I can’t offer any advice but I would be interested in the outcome and any learnings you are willing to pass along. I have had similar aspirations about Kali’s blog and more seriously about an unfinished book I started years ago about being a baby boomer growing up in the sixties and seventies.

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  6. Although I’ve had some poetry and horticulture articles published a few moons ago, I’d hardly call myself published. .. Anything I say is my opinion here out. ..
    Keep the rights to the book, never sell your copyrights.
    Think of your audience. Is it local or world wide? You’ll need to make it available to everyone.
    If your focus is for fund raising for charity, maybe set up your own non profit status as you’ll want to charge for the book, but not have the tax man on your back.
    I have looked into for getting funds for things like this.
    Physical paper books are costly, I think your idea (at least to start) is a good one. Don’t know their policies, but as long as you retain your rights, you could always publish a physical book later.
    Maybe set up your own website and sell the elecronic book from there?

    As you can read, I’m all about retaining your rights to your work. I’ve had a company I was writing for try to pull one on me and steal my work. It hurt. I was smarter and didn’t sign, but was fired because I didn’t.
    It all depends on how sentimental (not sure if right word) you are to the story. Remember, if Disney decides to make a movie about Ray and you don’t own the rights, all you’ll get to do is buy a bag of popcorn and a seat for the show.

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