Bed Heater!

When I go into our kitchen at around 5:00am*, I will wedge Ray’s gate open so that he can wander around the house if he so wishes. Strategic lights will be on just in case I go back to bed later and need to see where he is. Stepping on him is highly undesirable!

Typically, once his gate is open, he will go through and sniff the bottom of Carol’s bedroom door presumably checking that she is there. After that, he either curls up outside her door, or he goes into our living room/dining room area where he has a circular bed. He either curls up on that and goes to sleep, or sometimes he wedges himself into the leather armchair** and dozes off!

Last Wednesday (15th), I woke up at 3:00am and was not only wide awake but rather hungry! This is not a unique situation so I went into the kitchen and had an early breakfast, and then decided to spend a couple of hours down stairs on the computer after which (typically) I would be tired and so go back to bed. As is usual in this routine, I wedged Ray’s gate open and, as usual, he checked out Carol’s door and then went towards his circular bed. I, in the meantime, had made myself a coffee and was heading downstairs.

As expected, by 5:00am I was feeling tired again and so went back up stairs to go to bed however, in these circumstances the first job was to find Ray. He was not curled up outside Carol’s door. He was not on his circular bed. He was not on the leather armchair, and he was not even on the sofa! Logical deduction would suggest he was in my bedroom!

As I entered my room, there he was taking up about 2/3 of my bed. A dog with startle response*** can be a tricky character to work with however, I was very tired so I carefully rolled back the covers from the 1/3 of the bed that was available. I then gently eased myself in and rolled over to go to sleep. I was very conscious of his warm body against my back but he didn’t move, so all appeared well.

I woke up around 6:30am and Ray was still there and right up against me (he generates so much heat!), so I eased myself out of the bed and left him there. There have been isolated occasions where I have woken up after an afternoon nap and found him alongside me but this was the first time that he had spent some of the night on my bed with me.

I guess if I am not careful, I could have a regular visit from this guy which, given various circumstances, is probably not a good idea. It was however nice to wake up to a big warm “teddy”!

Post script: Just recently the above incident was repeated however, once I had got myself into what little of the bed was available, Ray got up and went into the living room. I instinctively moved myself into the centre of the bed and ………! I can only describe it as getting into a warm cocoon. Ray had heated up both the top and bottom covers and I was now in between them. I wonder of he could be persuaded to do this in the Winter months?

*See “Toast Anybody?” – June 22, 2015

**See “Let Sleeping Dogs … Part 1” – April 3, 2015

***See “Excuse me please!” – Nov 12, 2014


26 thoughts on “Bed Heater!

  1. Cats aren’t quite the same but sometimes my cat Hazel will sleep in my spot on the bed prior to my going bed. In the winter it is delightful to climb into a “heated” bed. I expect your pup heats up a lot more of the area.

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  2. Must admit Maggie sleeps at the bottom of our bed, or at least that’s where she starts! If she gets cold, she makes herself the filling in a human sandwich! In the winter though, she keep our feet warm. You’re right dogs generate an awful lot of heat!

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