The World is not ………..!

……. what it seems!

“The world is not what it seems” may be taking some poetic liberties with the facts but, when it comes to Ray, I think it can be substantiated.

For example, when we were contemplating adopting a dog from the Oakville & Milton Humane Society, I foolishly believed that I would be making the decision. It was not that Carol did not have a say in it and, in fact, her dog experience dictated a significant say in the selection process however, given my bad childhood experience with a dog, she was letting me ultimately decide on the specific dog. Those of you who have read my About Me will be aware that Ray in fact adopted me*. How could I possibly say no?

German Shepherds are typically a high energy dog and, while Ray was certainly crossed with another breed (or two, or three, or four!), we were expecting a high energy dog. Ray is one of the most laid back dogs I have known. In fairness, a DNA test did identify Rottweiler as the only other breed in his genetic bank, and Rottweilers are apparently more of a chill-out kind of personality, but we were expecting a high energy dog. Of course we did not know any of this until after he had moved in and firmly established his presence here!

Given that, prior to Ray, there was only the two of us living here, we decided to treat ourselves to a really nice soft leather two-seater sofa and matching chair. We could sit on the sofa to watch TV, or read, or whatever, and the matching chair would be useful for the occasional visitor. Furthest from our mind was Ray being the (more than occasional) occasional visitor**! Being the tolerant people that we are, we just acknowledged that Ray clearly liked that chair and did not therefore discourage him from using it.

Just the other morning, I went into our living room to sit on our two-seater sofa:

2015 08 06

He couldn’t have filled it more effectively if he had tried. How come nobody told me that a dog’s secret desire is to take over the whole house……. Or at least the most comfortable bits? Could there be a time in the future when we are sitting on the floor to watch TV? Could we soon be curling up on the floor somewhere to go to sleep? Will we be sleeping near the refrigerator so that we are alerted if he goes in there for something? The world is not what it seems in fact, if we are not careful, it could become quite the opposite to what it seems!

*See also “Big Brown Eyes” – Jan 27, 2015

**See “Let Sleeping Dogs …Part 1” – Apr 3, 2015

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  1. The last paragraph had me laughing !!!! The picture of Ray on the sofa is really complementing the post 😀

    Could there be a time in the future when we are sitting on the floor to watch TV? Could we soon be curling up on the floor somewhere to go to sleep?

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  2. From your earlier post on the chair, I wondered how long it would be before Ray gave the sofa a test drive! He does look totally relaxed and comfy doesn’t he.
    We humans are such fools to give in to those expressive puppy eyes…….. I warned Hubby that if he invited Maggie up on the bed, she would take it as a given that it would always be OK. He said ‘ah, but she’s just a puppy.’ Yeah. With a memory ! 10 years later, we are permitted a few inches either side of her ladyship by morning! Our own fault, but at least she’s a good hot water bottle in the winter. 🙂

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  3. My friend adopted a retired police dog. This lovely German Shepherd saved my yellow lab from a pack of coyotes. Two coyotes herded Chica, my lab, off into the midst of a big pack. At my command, Shadow, the German Shepherd, ran into the pack, herded Chica back to me so I could get her on leash and we left the area. The two lead coyotes followed us home, yipping and howling, but Shadow kept them at a distance. Shadow was an awesome dog and deserved a nap on the couch.

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    • He deserved life long access to your couch! It is interesting that, after being bitten by a Shepherd when around 14 yrs old, I was wary of all dogs but specifically (no surprise) German Shepherds! Many years later (here in Canada) a dear friend adopted a German Shepherd puppy and, knowing my background, she thought it a good idea if I got to know him. If it had not been for that experience (of interacting with her dog throughout its life) I may never have considered a dog as a pet, and almost certainly not Ray! That Shepherd grew up to be a 130lbs of affection and protection. He accepted me, and played games with me quite happily and it was a sad day indeed when he passed on. His name was also Shadow!


  4. My husband walked into the family room the other day and with me and 4 cats, all the seats were taken. We ended up having our old cat sleep between us on the loveseat but he wasn’t happy that he couldn’t sprawl. Obviously we need more furniture.

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  5. We previously had three dogs (a huge bull mastiff, a medium sized alsation and, of course, Genis). We also had a majestically fat moggie and the very thin abyssinian that is still with us. For the past twelve years we have kept our old lounge suite in the TV room under covers and we humans frequently had to stretch ourselves out on the carpet to watch TV. With only Genis and the thin cat remaining, we just check the seats very carefully before sitting down on someone, but the furniture is still covered for their use.

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  6. I hate to tell you this but the ‘creep’ has started..they creep into everything 🙂 we at times have found ourselves in the most uncomfortable spots..4 cats two was never going to be a recipe for our’s the creatures comfort 🙂 i can only say thank goodness the three sheep live outside…:)

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  7. He looks so content and comfy, I wouldn’t be able to move him although we don’t allow our dogs to get on the lounge, its enough that they have taken over the rest of the house including our bed. We’re actually in the process of upsizing our bed so that the three of us can sleep comfortably, our dear old dog can’t get up on the furniture anymore so she happily sleeps/snores on her own bed 🙂

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