More discrimination!

I have written before about the blatant discrimination experienced since having Ray.

People will smile at him and ask of his name … they rarely smile at me, and never ask of my name. He gets treats from stores and banks … I never get offered treats. Stores open early for him, and re-open after closing for him. No store has ever done that for me! He can pee and poop pretty much wherever he wants! No comment necessary there!

I thought that I had experienced everything on this topic until a recent walk. We took a typical circuitous route into our downtown area and headed back on a route which would take us past a Tim Horton’s.

Having a dog with severe separation anxiety dictates that we have to eat and drink outside all cafes and restaurants, so we take full advantage of any nice weather. I left Carol outside with Ray, and went in to order our “two decaff coffees with double milk and one plain TimBit please.”

I watched the 1 coffee appear on the screen of the cash register, followed by a 2 x milk; then a repeat of the order, and then 1 plain Timbit. Everything was as expected but then the sales lady said “Is the TimBit for your dog?” I said yes!

When she said how much the order was, I happened to glance again at the cash register screen and the TimBit had disappeared. I am a very honest individual and so drew her attention to the obvious error. Her response, with a lovely smile, was “That’s ok because you said it was for your dog!”

When was the last time Tim Hortons gave you a TimBit at no charge?

I don’t want to be misunderstood here. I really appreciate Tim’s gesture, but I just wish that it was not limited to dogs! Wouldn’t it be good PR to say “…….and would you like a complimentary Boston Cream with your coffee?”  Actually, just like Ray, I would be grateful for 1 complimentary plain TimBit!

21 thoughts on “More discrimination!

    • Hi Lexi – It was just a Tim Horton’s place where humans go regularly. They just have to say that the TimBit is for their dog. Of course I am more visible than you … but you should get your humans to try it out! Woof! Ray.


  1. Ah my friend, such is life. I see and appreciate your point exactly. So next time you take Ray to the vets, you just go ahead and ask if he’ll check you over for free. Hey … he may give you a tablet to keep your coat glossy as well.

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  2. While living in Florida, there was an ice cream shop that would give “dog ice cream” out for free. It was just a small dollop of vanilla. Sure got the dogs out with the family more!

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  3. 😂😂😂 It is so sweet how much positive attention Ray gets. I was laughing so hard reading your post. You describe it so funny but so lovingly at the same time.
    That reminds me of me visiting my parents after I moved out. Oh how they were always happy to see me. But as soon as I had kids, I was like invisible. They even openend the door already kneeling in order to be at the same level. Sometimes I had to make sure they don’t automatically close the door as soon as the kids were inside the house…. while I was still standing outside…

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