Merry Christmas – Woof!

This is my special card to all my friends around the world.

That includes all you dogs (we’re really the best aren’t we!); cats (as long as you are friendly and don’t arch your back and hiss and spit!);  Speedy bun (I bet we could have fun chasing around my back garden); and even all you humans who make everything possible!

This is my way of saying “Thanks” to everybody who has chosen to spend some of their time here with me (and perhaps, maybe, Colin I guess).

Christmas Card 2Colin is mumbling something about getting off his keyboard, and “hoping that you all have a really wonderful Christmas holiday, and that the New Year brings you more happiness than you ever imagined”. He’s already got me living with him so, like all you other humans with dogs, what more could there possibly be? Humans! Woof! Always want something more! When will they learn to be grateful for what they already have?

Woof! Ray (and Colin)

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