Brilliant (Ray) Sherlock!

This will be quite a brief Post because it recounts an event that I did not witness, so will be short on some of the details however…

Due to a recent fall down our back steps, my walking is rather limited. Much as Ray likes all three of us to go out together, yesterday I suggested to Carol that she take him on a good long walk as recent walks have been relatively short because of my situation. She took him down to the lake and along the trail which leads into our downtown area via Oakville’s Harbor.

She had done a similar walk a few days earlier and was surprised at the ice formations along the edge of the lake. It was apparently one of those “I wish I’d brought my camera” moments. This time she did take her camera and took numerous pictures of ice and, of course, Ray.


As she was leaving the park area which overlooks the lake and harbor entrance, she suddenly realized that she did not have her camera’s lens cover. She must have dropped it somewhere.

She decided to backtrack through the park in the hope that she might just see it laying in the snow. While this seemed like a bit of “wishful thinking” on her part, she had not factored Sherlock (Ray) Holmes into her challenge!


While she was slowly retracing her steps through the snow, Ray suddenly started pulling her to one side where he stopped and stared at the ground. There it was!

We are assuming that her scent was all over the lens cover, and Ray simply homed in on it with the view to checking it out? Whatever his reasoning was, it does seem to be a recurring demonstration of an ability to find things as there have now been a few examples of him doing his “pointer” impressions!

Thanks Ray… now where did I put my wallet?


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    • Hi Prajakta! I love my Mom and Dad, and I know they love me. We’re a great pack and take care of each other. I hope you read my book when it comes out, because then you will understand all the things they have done for me since I moved into their den. Woof! Ray.

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  1. I could sure use him when I lay my cell phone down and can’t find it. Since I know you won’t lend him out I have a 2nd phone standing by to call my other cell phone.

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