Murphy’s Law!

Hi Guys – This is a really quick Post just to let you know that our internet connection has been erratic for a few days and, yesterday, it totally died. A quick call to Bell, followed by a quick call to Heather, and I was able to go and pickup a new adapter and we are now up and running once again! What timing for a key communication tool to go down!

Carol is still undergoing tests but the current feeling of the medical staff is Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). She will be in the hospital for at least another 4-5 days… so they are going to be interesting days!

Now I have to advise her friends and, hopefully, start catching up with you guys!

22 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law!

  1. Had to research the disease, as it was a new one to me. However, I am affected by an autoimmune disease also. They are very illusive issues and I feel doctors are still somewhat confused by them. I’m glad to read that Drs do have an attack plan if that’s what it is.
    When she gets home, I’m sure Ray will be instrumental in her recovery by taking her for walks. πŸ˜ƒ Maybe even a zoomie when she gets better.

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  2. Mom just read about GBS and hopes it isn’t that. Although it did give an encouraging prog nose sis. (Whew, that was a new word for me.) Ray, buddy, keep your paws crossed and your thoughts all going up for good for your Mom. We will, too.

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  3. So glad you could get your internet up and running and to hear a update on Carol. Was getting concerned. Will continue praying for strength for both of you in this next week and healing. Glad that at least they have a diagnosis, for the waiting as so many things go through your mind can be hard!

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