Just me and him!

Carol was admitted into hospital this passed Wednesday (no details – she is a very private person) and, being Ray’s favorite person, has thrown a “loop” into our days!

This is where separation anxiety issues become a significant factor. On a planned trip, you can always stock up in advance knowing that a visit to the food store is not likely to happen. Of course it is far from the end of the world due to home delivery services and friends, but it is certainly extremely inconvenient! A quick inventory of our cupboards made it quite clear that if Ray and I were both going to continue eating, some plans had to be made! Fortunately, the places that sold his food were dog friendly!

Ray responds much easier to separation training once he has accepted that Carol has gone somewhere, and yesterday afternoon he allowed me to go to the end of our street and back, and was still relaxing on the floor when I returned. I can probably do Fantastico Pizza and back by this evening, and then I just have to “stretch him” a few extra minutes while I wait for a pizza!

While he just “shadows” me during these times, he knows what Carol’s car sounds like and anything similar makes him leap up and either go to the door, or up onto a chair so that he can look out of the window (his logic is rather baffling because her car is in the driveway).

We have been doing the “mailbox walk” but I have not been too successful in coaxing him onto longer walks just yet. His priority seems to be to get back as soon as possible… just in case. Once inside, he goes all around the house sniffing frantically!

The poor “guy”! At a moments notice, his world changed, but he is adjusting well all things being considered. Now if I can coax him downtown to Lululemon, then I can get him to my bank and I can get some money!

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  1. Prayers and best wishes to Carol for a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, I hope you two can fall into a new routine that works. I’m glad you won’t starve to death, and that you have a great opportunity to work on separation skills.

    Love and licks,

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    • Thanks Genevieve. I believe my survival skills are as good as Rays so we’ll not starve, I am virtually at our local convenience store while Ray chills outs at home! Just need a few extra minutes from him and I can shop there!!!! 🙂


  2. My prayers are with Carol, hope they can diagnose her and treat her so she can be back on her feet soon! So glad to read that you have someone to watch Ray so that you will be able to go visit her. I am sure Carol will appreciate that!! GL in getting to the bank 🙂 It is tough on our pets when something like this disrupts their world. When my youngest had to be away for a extended amount of time, the Sheltie felt so lost. Hated how I couldn’t explain to her. But when my daughter came back, OH MY! Lassie responded with vocal sounds that we had never heard before! I think we all had tears in our eyes!

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  3. So glad to read the comment that you will be able to visit Carol. That was my first thought when reading your post. It will be reassuring to Carol to know that you were able to get away from Ray with the help of a friend. It’s those special offers from friends that help us make it through life emotionally and physically.

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    • Interestingly, that friendship was one that he developed while at the Humane Society. I would challenge any pet store, or even a breeder, to provide the service that she has provided over the 3 years that Ray has lived with us. She is a very special individual. Just to clarify, she is currently the only person that Ray will accept so our usual friends are not much help to us with dog-sitting requests!


  4. Hoping Carol is soon home and all equilibrium returned to the homestead..a perfect opportunity though for some training..it is awful when we realise we are the whole world to our pets..i think if this after every accident i see on the news..peoples pets..left behind..again hoping for a quick return home !

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  5. I hope Carol is on the up and up soon. It is hard on our fur friends who don’t know the difference from one minute to one week. Stay strong!

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  6. Imagine how a dog feels when he loses his owner. Cats can be very similar. A cat I had a while back would sit with her back facing me as my punishment if I went away for a few days. Jake would howl when I got home. Sometimes for hours. Hoping Carol comes home soon and the equilibrium is restored.

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  7. I am sorry to hear that Carol is in hospital and I hope she will recover from what is ailing her very soon. This is now an opportunity for you to leave Ray on his own for longer, building the length of time up gradually without making a fuss while acting as if it is the most normal thing in the world.

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