Difficult times!

These are rather difficult times for all of us, but friends always come through when you need them!

We were very low on Ray’s food when Carol went into hospital but yesterday, one conversation steered itself around to our supplies situation and a bag of his specific food arrived here just before I went to visit Carol!

I also received some chicken portions (which were BBQ’d this evening)  and a couple of frozen veggie burgers + buns.  Just a few moments before starting this Post, some other friends offered to shop for me if necessary as they are well aware of the limitations that Ray currently presents.

A lot of our friends believe in a “higher power” (various religious denominations and spiritual beliefs represented), and Carol is now the focus of so many prayers and prayer chains! All this attention is very warming, especially as there is so much selfishness regularly in our news. Everybody seems to want more money to simply spend on more/bigger/better material things, but the short term happiness that results pales by comparison to the long term happiness of simply giving of yourself.

How is Ray doing? That will be a Post for another day.

My apologies for these brief Posts but, not only am I rather mentally distracted at the present, the days seem to finish immediately after they started. A 25 hour day would be really useful right now!

28 thoughts on “Difficult times!

  1. I am a firm believer that we reap what we sow and you, Carol, and Ray are generous souls that expect nothing in return. For that reason, I am not at all surprised by the kindness you have all received in this time of need:) May you all continue to be showered with love:)

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  2. Friends are definitely a huge blessing when the hard times hit!! So glad Carol and you, and can’t forget Ray, are being surrounded by good friends! BBQ chicken…hmmm…glad it was chicken and not…well you know 🙂

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  3. Prayers have been said, fingers and paws are crossed. A hospital stay is hard on everyone involved – not just the patient. Keep putting one foot (and one paw) in front of the other and you’ll both do fine. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Love and licks,

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