A Tale of Two Stories (#1)!

Story #1:

We met in the Spring of 1996 and I immediately felt comfortable. I was confident that our lives would be entwined in some way for a considerable length of time, and I was right. We have seen each other almost every day since that time.

Having been most likely born in 1920, there was a significant gap in our respective ages, but I have always wanted to see what is beneath the surface of this elderly, and rather unkempt, body for many years. I have made so many plans to dedicate time to peeling back the layers; to see what is beneath the outward appearance, and perhaps have a greater understanding of the whole being! Last Tuesday presented such an opportunity.

It was a glorious day, with lower temperatures than of late and a gorgeous blue sky. Perfect for spending time together outside, and for me to discover so much more. It only took about an hour to get comfortable such that some of life’s anecdotes were being shared.

Beneath the rather rough exterior, were some interesting “layers”. Clearly there had been various different phases, a wild one perhaps in the 1970’s. We quickly traveled back to the 1950’s where things would appear to have been more conventional but, probably 15 years or so prior to that, there was another apparent wild time.

By Tuesday evening, I was able to remove all the masks that had been worn for so long, and what I saw was very interesting. Life had not been particularly bad, when compared to mine and other people that I know. There were quite a few superficial scars which could possibly now be addressed, and some unusual small circular scars which could not be explained. My guess would be BB gun pellet marks! The were signs of very poor surgery in that a break had not been set correctly but, in general, I saw a very solid 96 year old who was in pretty good shape.

Wednesday was also dedicated to spending time together and it soon became obvious that some of the scars could be removed, and the break reset if great care was taken. By yesterday evening, I could see all the glory of one who had experienced a long life. Now, and without any masks, the world would be able to see the true self, and that true self was lookingΒ  to be quite impressive!

I am hoping that today, weather permitting, we can have more time together during which the scars can be removed or at least minimized, and anybody who cares to see the wonders of a fine and healthy 96 year old will be able to do so!

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