A Christmas Miracle?

This Post is a radical departure from my usual writings in that it is based around Westjet Airlines, a Canadian company that has their employees involved in profit sharing plans. Not only is Westjet good competition for Air Canada, but they are amazing corporate citizens and their latest project was (to me) very touching.

This past year saw the town of Fort McMurray devastated by forest fires, and the following is a quote from Westjet:

“As we talked to our friends in Fort McMurray, one of the common themes that emerged was that many residents felt forgotten and that the approaching Christmas season wasn’t going to be the same. They needed a boost over the holidays, so it was an easy decision for us to focus this year’s Christmas Miracle on a very deserving community.”

The end result is covered in the video below:


I shall leave you with your thoughts on this!  Having Kleenex within reach may be useful! 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Christmas Miracle?

    • When a business can do that (and Westjet has a history of such projects); and stay competitive in their particular area of expertise; and make a profit at year end …. then there really is hope for humanity! 🙂

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      • That is what I always say. We all can do something to make our little world better. Two together can make two worlds better. The more we are the better the whole world gets. Everybody wishes for a better world. So, if everybody does something for it in their possibilities…. we are having heaven on earth!

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