Adjusting to Winter!


Winter here in Canada is much like life in general! You can choose to fight it, or can choose to embrace it.Β  You can choose to love the diversity of the seasons, or you can choose to live somewhere else. It’s all choices!

We had our first significant snow fall yesterday. It was only a few inches, but it was sufficient to make everywhere look like a Christmas card picture. With a temperature of -5C/23F, and a light wind which dropped it to -12C/10F, we are still adjusting to appropriate clothing… but necessity dictates we get it figured out very soon.

Ray, by virtue of his “design”, seems to have no problems at all with the weather and bounces around outside like a kid playing with a new toy! His walk yesterday was a repeat of the snowy walks last Winter. He has a new spring in his step and makes leaping around seem effortless and clearly so much fun.

When we got back home, he seemed more inclined to stay in the back garden rather than go inside the house, so I went in and got my camera. Unfortunately, due to Ray’s excited state, and the fast diminishing light, my camera was slower than usual resulting in most pics being blurred. He did however stop a few times!


He was probably wondering when the really deep stuff is coming, and when our temperatures will drop below -30C/-22F? Of course, with a double fur coat fitting in all the right places, he has no concept of why we need an acclimatization period. He has no understanding of why we don’t just simply start wearing last winter’s clothing. Come to think of it… neither do I!

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    • Hi Jade, and welcome to my blog (well… shared Blog – with Ray). You may have noticed that there are a few Categories of Posts in addition to Dog Stories. My personal favorite (excluding Dog Stories of course) is Just Thinking… because it makes me think, and even some of my readers, and thinking is a good habit to get into! πŸ™‚

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    • Last February, we had a strong wind which gave us -38C. Those air masses tend to come straight from the arctic, and breathing is interesting because there is a sense of your nostrils freezing! Dress code is pretty much lots of layers covering pretty much everything! Of course those temperatures kill off a lot of bugs… microscopic and otherwise!!!

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