Here we go again…

… another New Year, and the goals start building up!

Of course the fact that I am writing this, together with the fact that you are reading this does, on its own, give cause for jubilation however, aside from celebrating life, a new year is a cause for much thought about what really must be done vs what should be done vs what I would like to do. Those three aspects of how to use my time in this new year get more conflicted the more I think about them because once I start making lists, it becomes obvious that 365 days is quite inadequate!

I have just reviewed my January 1, 2016 Post (below):

… and upon reviewing those goals, was not particularly impressed.

The most important one was Ray’s separation anxiety, and that has been the most disappointing one because we have made no progress. In fairness to us, we were working on it and making snail’s pace progress (but it was progress), until Carol had to spend some time in hospital. This not onlyΒ  put us back to the very beginning (will he let us touch the back door handle?), but it appeared to have reinforced Ray’s resolve to not let us out of his sight ever again. We’ll be trying again soon!

The next one was getting Ray’s book published. After taking 9 months to write it, and 18 months to “polish it”, I was getting a little impatient. That was successfully completed in May of last year, but also forced me to confront the realities of how to make the whole world know that it is available to purchase! That is quite a challenge!

Looking for a place where Ray can run free was also noted for last year. We did let him loose in a fenced sports field however, as it is against our local by-laws, it is not a habit that we can encourage so… I guess… we were only mildly successful!

We did renew our subscription to use our local conservation areas but, in contrast to using them more than in 2015, we actually used them less! We have renewed again so hopefully we will do better this year!

Getting Ray “up to speed” as our running buddy was planned for last year. It didn’t happen!

Finally, last year we were going to try and improve the image of Ray by some family members. I hesitate to say that we were successful, but we did make a little progress. The trouble here is that humans are more resistant to change than dogs, and I cannot bring myself to using treats and positive reinforcement training with them (humans)!

So what’s on the “menu” for 2017? In no particularΒ  order:

  1. Ray’s separation anxiety
  2. Get my book of Poetic Verse published.
  3. Get a Canadian Passport! Critical if I want to be allowed back into the country under new rules!
  4. Get back into running and complete 5km and 10km races
  5. Dust off my guitars and get back into my music.
  6. Record a “voice-over” to Mike Oldfield’s “Ommadawn” (Carol’s request)
  7. Β Hallway needs renovating, and back door and screen door both need some work!
  8. Finish off Train Simulator projects.
  9. Β Use our fitness equipment in the basement more as I am fast losing muscle mass (a simple fact of aging). I have never had particularly good upper body strength, but certainly don’t want to lose what I do have when I can certainly impact that product of aging!

I almost forgot … Happy New Year to all you “guys”! πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Warm wishes for a productive and ‘pawsitive’ 2017. πŸŽ‰ All too often we have oversized ideas about what we would like to accomplish. I’m not suggesting abandoning anything on your list, just be gentle with yourself when reviewing at the end of the year. It’s up to others to assail our efforts. {wink}
    P.S. Good luck with working on Ray and his separation anxiety issues.

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    • Not to worry Monika. My resolutions are just reminders of outstanding projects. I recognize that most of my year is going to be directed towards non-resolution stuff so I am very easy on myself at year-end! πŸ™‚

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    • Our plan is to take him to the point of separation very slowly and well within his comfort level. We follow these guidelines:
      Touch the door handle, and if no reaction
      Turn the door handle, and if no reaction
      Open the door (and progress to the point of actually leaving for a few seconds; then a few more seconds etc etc). I have had Ray on his own for up to 20 minutes in the past, but circumstances keep taking us back to basics!

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    • Thank you Prajakta. As noted on other Comments, the interesting part of my past years in general is that the most significant events were never on the resolution list! It is interesting that we focus on such things (making resolutions) when other factors are so much more important! Adopting a dog was never a resolution for 2013… and yet Ray’s impact has been life changing in so many ways. Just thinking! πŸ™‚


  2. You have many good things on your list for 2017! Running in races is a very impressive goal to me. I know you have always enjoyed running and ran before.Total opposite of me. If you see me running, look behind me , for something must be chasing me!

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    • Oh I will… and I do Jodi! So much of life is not listed as resolutions, but is equally important, so I always look back with satisfaction. Were there areas for improvement in 2016? Of course there were and will be for 2017 but, acknowledging that perfection is subjective and therefore an unattainable ideal, I am confident that at the end of this year, I will once again look back with considerable satisfaction… and simply roll the delinquent resolutions back to 2018! πŸ™‚

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        • It works for me! When I reflect on past years, my most rewarding times were never listed as resolutions. They were just “life” that “happened”! Adopting a dog was not a 2013 resolution, but the result has had positive ramifications in so many directions… and that is just one example!:)

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          • Another example could be starting your blog. Don’t know if that had been a resolution before or not, BUT….look at the many positive ramifications like meeting wonderful people like Jodi and me πŸ™‚ Just saying….

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            • Ah…. but the Blog would have never happened without Ray! The book would have never happened without Ray! Adopting a dog was never a New Year resolution! As for Jodi and you? I think you have lots of wonderful people Following your Blog so why you are limiting to just Jodi rather surprises me! πŸ™‚


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