Ray’s Quest!

January 1st, being a Sunday and a Holiday, means that few stores would be open. Here in Oakville, the “rules” change a little in the Summer because of the tourist industry but in January?

Yesterday we decided to take Ray downtown for his regular walk, and felt rather guilty about it because he would have no concept of holidays etc. As expected, as soon as we headed in that general direction, he was a very happy dog and clearly wanted to get there as soon as possible!

The streets were noticeably “quieter” and, as we turned onto the main street, it was obvious that all the regular businesses were closed, but Ray was pulling us along as is his habit when focused on Lululemon and/or TD Bank businesses.

Given that he has to learn that these stores are not always open to give him treats, we just followed him along the sidewalk and waited for the inevitable disappointment, and the challenges of getting him moving again!

Suddenly we were at the Lululemon store (which was clearly closed). Ray, as expected, went up to the glass doors and stared into the store. We noticed a quite large group of people in there clearly involved in a seminar of some sort. Ray noticed them also, which simply cemented the idea of getting a biscuit. After standing for a few minutes, he decided to sit and stare at the people.

As I have noted on many occasions, Ray’s “power” in these situations is simply his size. When he sits up straight, he is very noticeable… and noticed he was by one of the ladies in the store (who we know works there and loves him!)

As inevitable as Sunday will follow Saturday, the seminar was interrupted as that lady went to get a biscuit; unlocked and opened the front door, and gave it to him!  Ray was very happy to continue with his walk. His quest had been completed successfully, and we just shook our heads at the power he appears to have. Must give him 10/10 for positive thinking! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Ray’s Quest!

  1. Good for Ray! I think he’s done this before though Colin. I think it’s terrific how well known he is and how people spoil him. Maggie’s latest trick is to head for MSM’s house, and if she’s in, she’ll sit by her window, knowing it will be opened and voila, biscuit revealed! If we go inside, it’s worse, as she sits by the sink pointing to the cupboard over it as she knows her proper doggy treats (supplied by us for when MSM puppys sits for us) are there. Maggie has ‘done a Ray’ on several occasions by dragging us into the pet shop, putting her feet on the counter, and nudging the chew jar!
    Our pets have got us just where they want us, and anyone with a soft heart is fair game!

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  2. I must laugh when I think about a dog getting someone to unlock the front door of a store that is closed, and how many people have walked up to a store when it is closed, and just get the look of “we’re closed, come back another day”.

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    • This is far from the first time he has done this. For just me? Never! Of course I should also note that cars stop to allow him and I across roads. For just me? Never! We are also regularly approached by delightful women of all ages! For just me? Never!


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