Pros and Cons of being human!

My recent Posts (noticeably “A Very Different Post” of Feb 19), have produced a number of reasons to stop and think about being human. We know that good work is being done all around the world, but we do seem to gravitate towards “doom and gloom” news which, of course, the news media readily provides.

It is so easy (especially for us “older” humans) to look at an apparent very selfish/self-serving culture and wonder what went wrong. We can read all about sexual exploitation; internet scams; political double-dealing etc. etc. and wave our arms in the air in despair.

The response to the previously mentioned Post has provided so much reason to refocus on human nature. While I am obviously going to keep the details vague for reasons of privacy, I have to say that it was wonderful to see so much positive and selfless support!

There was more than one individual who actually made a donation while, in my opinion, they really had little to spare. I had emails from the other side of the Atlantic asking how GoFundMe works with foreign currencies (donations resulted from there also). I even had an email from a person who acknowledged all the support that they had received from Melanie, and wanted to know what they couldΒ  do to now resolve her situation!

Many of the donors names are familiar to me from blogging but, of course, there are many who I do not know, and there are currently five Anons in the donor list. What does this mean to me?

This means that the next time I hear a depressing news item, which does nothing but erode my perspective on human nature, I am going to remember all the support and encouragement received from so many people for somebody who (to many) is no more than a name in a Blog! Chivalry is not dead. Compassion is alive and well, and selfless giving is proven to still exist. Our species may well survive another thousand years or more after all!

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  1. It’s so easy to focus on the negative, but how many dealings in one’s daily life are actually as negative as we seem to think the big picture is? Sure, someone might cut us off while driving, but we don’t remember the people who let us in while changing lanes, or waved us through a stop sign, or pulled over while the ambulance went by. And there are a lot more of the latter three of those than the former. We interact pleasantly with people we walk by on the street, people we talk to on the phone, our co-workers, the person in the restaurant, the cashier at the store, etc., but we only remember the one person who goes outside the normal and acts rude. This post reminds me to think of the good interactions of my day, because they are easy to lose sight of – and the vast, vast majority of my day consists of good interactions with good people.

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  2. I agree I am often bewailing how badly we humans act but as you say when we need to we can be all the good things you mention God Bless Us All. I am delighted that someone your daughter helped was prepared to do their bit as well πŸ™‚πŸ’–

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