Ray vs Lululemon!

My Blog has received a lot of new Followers just recently so, for their benefit, I should explain that our beloved Ray has an amazing relationship with our local Lululemon** store! The staff were so receptive to helping socialize him ( he had no social skills and was afraid of everybody when he first moved in with us in March 2013), that he now looks forward to meeting people. That is a huge improvement from his earlier tendency to lunge and bark, hoping they will go away! (They usually did!)

A few days ago we took Ray downtown and, on our way, we passed a very small store that had the Lululemon logo outside, plus their water bowl and dog biscuit stand. We went in and recognized the staff, who explained that their regular store (probably around 250 yards further down) was being renovated.

Yesterday, we again took Ray downtown and, as expected, he immediately homed in like a biscuit seeking missile to the new Lululemon store. He met the staff, and had a biscuit, so we continued with our walk… not expecting the following scene to be played out in front of us!

As we approached the old (being renovated) Lululemon store, we noticed that the front was completely covered with a tarpaulin. Ray, however, presumably picked up on all the wonderful scents that he associated with the store… and he was clearly confused!

He would sniff all along the bottom of the tarpaulin until he found his way to where the front door would be. Then he just stood there and stared at this unfamiliar sight! After a few moments, he wandered back to where the tarpaulin started, and repeated the whole process! After a few repeats, we decided that perhaps we should intervene, which we did by giving him treats and generally coaxing him away from the store.

I guess from his perspective, it must have been very confusing. Given how much importanceΒ  he puts on his sense of smell, it must have been quite the challenge for him. “This is where Lululemon is relative to everything else. It smells like Lululemon, but it looks different… and where’sΒ  the biscuit bowl!”

He probably initially thought what a wonderful place this is to live! Two Lululemon stores, and he still has the TD Bank and a number of other dog friendly stores! πŸ™‚

** Note: A search term of Lululemon will produce an interesting collection of Posts!

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    • Hi Christie. He’s the expert! He can get treats out of Lululemon before they open; after they are closed, and when under renovation! If you or I tried that… you can guess the outcome! πŸ™‚


  1. LOL – So Ray goes for the expensive work out gear – eh?! So does my future daughter in law! πŸ™‚ Wonder if it looks as good on him as it does on her?

    That’s great that they treat Ray so good!!

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