Impending Doom!

“Impending Doom!” may be a little dramatic for this Post but then, while the outcome was significantly less than dramatic, the sense of helplessness was still very real.

Settling into my seat on a Boeing Jumbo at Heathrow Airport in 1975, and knowing that my next stop was Toronto, Canada, is an example of feeling helpless. I was passed the point of no return and, based on my financial situation, there could be no return anyway!

Many years ago, I traded our car in for Emily (a Chevy Astro van). It was simply more practical for our lifestyle, and was far more versatile due to its carrying capacity. However, Emily was not the most predictable of vehicles in a heavy snow storm and once, I lost control of herΒ  on our Hwy 401 (our major artery). She went into a spin and I was conscious of seeing alternating head lights and tail lights as she and I waltzed our way across 3 or 4 lanes of vehicles. Fortunately traffic was not heavy, and the drivers that were behind me just came to a stop and waited for me to sort things out! During that spin/dance routine, again there was the feeling of total helplessness.

I am “stability challenged” (aka a klutz) but, fortunately, my brain has adapted accordingly. When I trip, I usually have the ability to prepare for a reasonable landing however, I cannot negate such a fall and so, once again, there is that momentary feeling of helplessness.

Yesterday, I was sitting on my bed working on my (late) sister’s photo album. Not only did I have the album open, but I also had little piles of photographs as I got things organized.Β  I was happily planning what to do next when I heard it! I heard the running feet of almost 80lbs of affection!

Carol had been playing with Ray and decided to come and see what I was doing. As soon as Ray appeared in the doorway, I just knew! Impending doom! Absolute helplessness… and I was right because he suddenly took a flying leap onto my bed and landed on the open album. He then wanted to say “Hi” to me which dictated he turn around, which crumpled an album page and destroyed my organized piles of pics!

There’s nothing better for me than to see a happy Ray, and his enthusiasm to say “Hi” is wonderfulΒ  but… really?

“Ray… can’t you just give me a little more time to prepare?”

34 thoughts on “Impending Doom!

    • Hi Prajakta. Given the options:
      – 80lbs of spontaneous greetings
      – 80lbs of withdrawn dog
      – 80lbs of aggression
      – 80lbs of “where on earth did he go?)
      Yup ……… I’ll take the greetings, even if his timing really sucked, and his choice of a landing area was not thought through too well! πŸ™‚


  1. Same thing happened to me in a van as I was exiting an interstate onto an icy (black ice) 4 lane highway. Spin, spin, spin, stop to face oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the other driver did the same as with you. If it were’t so scary it would have been fun. At least no pictures were lost in the spinning of the vans.

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  2. A dog’s spontaneous affection is priceless, isn’t it! πŸ™‚

    So “Emily” is the name of your van? What was the name of your car? Just curious. πŸ™‚ Glad that you both made it through your “dance” with no injuries!

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  3. Dogs live for the moment, and they love with a passion that knows no bounds. Somehow ‘oops’ doesn’t seem to cover it, but I know what you mean. Hubby was sorting out some of his tools and fixings by size when Maggie decided to ‘help’.

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