Talk around here!

“Okay … you’re still breathing so I’ll leave you alone!” Continue reading


No means no!

Ray has always had an independent side which he periodically shows us. Typically it surfaces when the route we take him is not going where he wants to go, so he just comes to a stop and we play a “waiting game”. There are times when he suddenly decides to cooperate, which often happens if we offer to cross the road and then there are times when he plants his rear firmly down on the sidewalk and looks at us.

“I weigh almost 80lbs so … are you going to bend over and try and pick me up?” Continue reading

A Dog’s Life?

As many of you already know, Ray’s separation anxiety is still an issue. This means that he goes everywhere with us, which in turn means that our options for going out for dinner are very limited.

We have a very nice restaurant that allowed Ray on their sidewalk patio (pressure from the servers was successful … they all love Ray!), but this year the patio layout changed which presented a problem. Continue reading